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The Seasons Triptych - When they...
Sort of done, at least for now.

And now very done.

Karera Ga Nigeru Toki,    Karera Ga Chiru Toki,    and    Karera Ga Naku Toki

Colloquially, When They Flee, When They Fall, and When They Cry.

More formally, The Season When They Flee, The Season When They Fall, and The Season When They Cry

And no, I have no idea who else fled, who fell, and who is being grieved.  Another story for another day.

But reading from right-to-left they could just as easily be titled, "How I learnt to draw and how my drawing style changed over the years" ;)

Thanks to Kirilee for her tireless work providing huge amounts of excellent stock.

Model: Kirilee
Photographer; Kirilee

Link to Katana 8
Link to Katana 20
Link to Katana 17
1 of 3 Karera Ga Nigeru Toki
Finally, finally, finally, the first part of the triptych.  Kind of.  I actually finished drawing this two or three years ago, but my hard drive failed before I could upload it, so I lost the work, and I loathe redoing a work I've already completed.

I did, however, get this off to the printers before the hard drive failed and, after a bit of searching, actually found where the canvas print was, scanned it, and was going to work over the top of it, only to find that my drawing tablet is playing up again, so I can't use it at the moment.  But I've done a bit of clean up, and I'm putting it here for now, so at least I know where it is when I do get around to reworking it.

It's done!  Dealt with the graphics tablet problem (operator error, in that I didn't check the batteries!), and was able to redraw this piece by going over a scan of the print I'd had made of the original image (there's no way I was going to redraw from scratch, it took about 8 weeks the first time round, this way I was able to restore the work in just under 3 days)

So yes, the first piece of the triptych is now done, and the story is complete.

Thanks to Kirilee for her tireless work providing huge amounts of excellent stock.

Model: Kirilee
Photographer; Kirilee

Link to Katana 8 and Katana 17


There's that thing, you know, when you see something in the corner of your eye,

[in the back of your mind]

and just for a second you thought you heard the whisper of a tatterdemalion.

[the, screaming, it doesn't stop]

And so you turn, and when you look, there's nothing there.

[the unending shadow, breathing on your neck]

Yet again, you met the man who wasn't there,

[the footsteps, creaking towards you, those stairs, those damned stairs]

and, of course, he wasn't there again yesterday

[yesterday? I can't quite remember . . . was there blood? I think, a sea of blood? No, don't make me go back, not to yesterday].

And so you turn, back to the comfort of ignorance, the smell of coffee in your nose

[did I turn my back? Why is there the smell of iron and copper in my nose?].

And around you, the silence of your house.


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