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Welcome by BatDanza

Something's not quite right

Sakura Left by BatDanza Branch-01 by BatDanza SAKURA right by BatDanza

This city has two sides.
What will you choose?
Sakura Left by BatDanza SAKURA right by BatDanza

City-01 by BatDanza

On one end there’s Sylvana, the glorious android ruler.
And by her side the infamous and bloody General Katayuki.
You have no choice, obey or die.

Deep in the train tunnels, like a blemish to the city, is Kiara.
Born as the true ruler of Sakura City, she fights to bring back peace.
But can she even maintain the peace on her side?

Divider 2-01 by BatDanza Divider 2-01 by BatDanza

Streetlamp-01 by BatDanza
sakura bookends Down-02 by BatDanzaWho will live... and who will die? sakura bookends Down-01 by BatDanza
Sakura Divider Upsidedown by BatDanza

[The World Turned Upside Down]

[Rise Up] (Locust’s Side)

In the night, Locust once again stands in front of his ragtag group of rebel soldiers. Each and every one of them had eyes full of determination, and he couldn’t be more proud of how far they had all come together. “Rebels! This is the moment we have been waiting for! It’s time to take control once again! This is our city! The city of dreamers! Let’s make it that way once again!”

The Time is Now - The fight has begun. Rebels, with the outfits they’ve cobbled together and the weapons they’ve secured, sneak to the east river military base for a surprise attack. Despite having the element of surprise, the rebels are outgunned and outmanned. It’s a difficult battle. How did your rebel contribute? And, more importantly, how did they manage to survive?

Against All Odds -  The fight is long, difficult, and frightening. But by some miracle, the rebels have succeeded by the skin of their teeth. Many were injured, and perhaps a few were killed… But they’ve won. They return triumphantly to the railroad tracks with armfuls of food, medicine, weapons, and other supplies.

Home at Last - Those who have stayed behind have had difficulty sleeping all night. They’ve said their final goodbyes and watched their loved ones march away. The threat of losing the people they care about has hung heavy over them. Until, on the horizon, the army has returned, hurt but alive. While the medics patch up the injured rebels with their new supplies, their friends and family celebrate their victory and return. How has your rebel coped with the fear of losing their loved one? And how do they celebrate seeing them return home safely?

[A Lost History] (Kiara's side)

Kiara has begun to regain some of her oldest memories: of her life before Sylvana’s takeover. In this state, she has openly begun to tell people things they may not have known before: how Sylvana essentially raised her when her parents were often too busy with the tremendous work that comes with running a kingdom, intimate details of how her mother’s passing impacted the royal family on a personal level (and how Sylvana was there for her during this strange and terrifying time in her life), and the deep sorrow she felt when Sylvana was exiled. She remembers nothing from the 16 years between Sylvana’s disappearance and where she is now. And with every rebel that tries to explain that Sylvana is evil, she sinks further into depression. The woman that was always there for her, that she looked up to so much…. Now evil? Willing to kill? Kiara’s rebels now have new insight into what the conflict means to Kiara, and why, even before her affliction, she was so determined to find a peaceful ending to this.

An Uncertain Future- Kiara has been essentially unable to run her group due to her affliction. While it’s been able to run moderately well on the backs of some dedicated individuals, the word of Locust’s success has got some people reconsidering their stances. The question hangs heavy in the summer air: should we follow Locust instead? We’ve set up a poll-- there’s only one vote per person, but we encourage you to vote in-character for whichever rebel you think feels most strongly about the issue! ( )

[A City on Fire] (Loyalist Event)

Fighting the Flames News of the rebel victory has spread like a wildfire burning through the city. Civilians are in a panic. During the time of Sylvana’s reign, there have certainly been rebellion attacks, but none have ever been successful! Especially against the military! It’s becoming more and more apparent that citizens need to learn how to defend themselves against a rebel threat. Though guns are illegal, some citizens are finding clever ways to make weaponry that skirts the law. Others still are training their moves, or taking up self-defense. What is your citizen going to do to keep themself safe? Or are they worried about the threat at all?

Damage Control -  In order to calm the citizens and allow them to air their grievances, Sylvana will be hosting an open ‘town hall’ type meeting, where citizens will hear an explanation of what has actually occurred (without the distortion of the media) and be allowed to ask questions directly. This will be the first public appearance of the General since he was hospitalized… Though he still doesn’t look too good… During this month, characters will be able to ask questions to Sylvana, Morpheus, or Katayuki in a special chat in the Discord server! These questions don’t necessarily have to be canon things asked during the conference, either, so feel free to ask away!


Despite the panic slowly suffocating the city, Sylvana has declared business as usual. This includes one of Sakura City’s biggest holidays: Festivale! Starting at dawn on the 15th and ending dawn of the 16th, Festivale is an annual celebration where citizens dress in colorful outfits adorned with feathers and dance all day! The streets are packed with people and music and sprinklers and games and every bit of fun imaginable! [OUTFIT MEME TBA].

Respite - The fireworks show, which happens at midnight, is always the highlight of Festivale. Sitting on the grass for a picnic underneath the starlight and watching the fireworks is a time-honored tradition. Maybe even during the fear and uncertainty, there can be a moment of peace. The fireworks can be seen (and heard!) all across the city. No matter where your character is watching from, these fireworks can become a symbol to them.

There will be an event rp in the group Discord centered around Festivale! Participation isn’t mandatory, but you will receive points for anything you write, so we recommend everyone join in if they have the chance!

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