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Welcome To
Sakura City

Something's not quite right

:cherryblossompetals: by CherushiMetsumariIn this City... There's two sides... :cherryblossompetals: by CherushiMetsumari

F2U | City Divider by UmieArt

F2u Pretty Flowers by VioletCascade
There's the loyalists.
People who will gladly follow Slyvana.
People who would never abandon their ruler.

F2u Pretty Flowers by VioletCascade
And then... There's the rebels.
Those who do not wish to follow her tyrannic rule.
Those who want nothing but to live happy.

F2U streetlight a by LudwigETC
:cherryblossompetals: by CherushiMetsumariThose who follow the lead of Kiara :cherryblossompetals: by CherushiMetsumari


Here is the link for the Bank/Database!

(This is per character. NPC characters receive half as many points from artwork.)
Headshot/Bust: 95
Waist-up: 150
Knee-up: 200
Fullbody: 250
Completed Application: 500
Blank Art Meme Template: 50
(Completed Art Meme Template: +75 bonus)

Lineart: +150
Coloring: +95
Simple shading: +95
Complex shading: +150
Simple Background: +30
Complex Background: +100

3/4 of a point for each word, rounded up. For example, 100 words is 75 points. For RP logs, each person gets 1 point per word that THEY wrote UNDER 1000 WORDS. Anything over 1000 is 1/2 of a point rounded up, for example 2000 words equals 1500 points. Please include word counts in the description. 

Extra Character Slot- 3000
Have another idea for a character? Get one here! There is no limit on purchased character slots

Legendary Slot- 6000
We’ve got an important visitor in Sakura City! With this slot, you are able to make a legendary Pokemon, with the only exceptions being Arceus, Type:Null, and Silvally. There is a limit of 3 legendaries per person, so please keep that in mind! 

Faction Change- 2500
Did you change your mind about Sylvana? With this, you’ll be able to betray your friend and switch sides!

Android (or human) NPC- 1600
Buy yourself a state-of-the-art robot assistant! This character is an NPC, and will NOT be capable of complex emotions like independent androids are. They will essentially be used for story purposes. (Or can be human and yeah, just for story purposes)

Glitch- 1400
Hm… This doesn’t look right, does it? Better keep this away from androids…
With this, an android (or human) NPC can become sentient, as well as a full-fledged character!

Hardware Upgrade- 3000
With this, any pre-made character can become a fusion with another Pokemon! For android characters, they’re just being reassembled with some new parts. For human characters, they’re becoming a cyborg!

Character Recycling- 500
Did you lose connection with your character or just lost interest for them? This will allow you to recycle your character and get a creation slot back!
You can trash your character for free, but you will not be able to get the slot back for free, unless it is one of your first three characters that automatically came with a free slot.

(NEW) Neutral Character Slot- 15,000
Want to make a character in the newest faction of the group? Purchase a slot to create a character in the neutral faction!

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