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you are mine idiot by Soul-Yagami64
NxS Office 2 by IZE96
Muscles-NaruSaku-Club Icon by Catholic-Ronin
Current Contest
NaruSaku 03 by NarutoFanSaku
Stop stalking, please... by Karin-Uz
'Don't look back, my honey' by sasuumi
Narusaku Truelove by Hoshihana-uchiha
Naruto Uzumaki
Artbook Cover ~ Naruto by TheMuseumOfJeanette
What If Naruto Was Wielding A Lightsaber by Catholic-Ronin
What If Movie 3 Naruto Inject With SM by Catholic-Ronin
Own Ninja Naruto Uzumaki by Catholic-Ronin
Sakura Haruno
Muscle  War Sakura SD by gekkodimoria
Sakura in Episode 101 2 by gekkodimoria
Sakura Haruno after End of war by gekkodimoria
Byakugo Sakura Haruno  in G.I.Joe style by gekkodimoria
Menma x Sakura
mensaku by ZefiMankai
Don't be Shy it's Just a Kiss, Menma by NarutoXSakuraLOVE
The Only Thing That Can Defeat Him by NarutoXSakuraLOVE

Mature Content

Loving YOU it's My Pleasure by NarutoXSakuraLOVE
Family - Children
NARUSAKU: GENERATIONS Concept-Art by Army4747
NaruSaku Family by halogirl237
Team Seven
Team 7 by SkylarYozora
Naruto: Happy Holidays! by Kaleta
Team 7 by ChiisanaMaho
Team 7 by Hallsth-Eien
The Uzumaki Family
Eye to eye heart to heart by Minami-chi
Naruto Sakura : Road to Ninja by Minami-chi
Two main women in my life by Keysumi
The Haruno Family
Haruno Mebuki by Keysumi
Sakura and Mebuki by Hanabi-Rin
Happy Halloween Crossover by Haruno Family by Bollybauf-chan
Threesome - OT3
rrrrrr narusakuhina by narutine
Two hearts beat for Naruto by MangaFreak17
Acute by PrInCeSs-LuNa-209
he's mine ! by naturoo
Groups - Friends
picture perfect by Kitsuka-x

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Fanart Yuri NaruSaku by Hatsuko-senju
Animals - Furry
Trade with Critterz11- Naruto x Sakura pups by rainiechi
Stamps - Icons
pixel shinachiku uzumaki by PumiiH
Wallpaper - Meme
What If M3 Naruto and Sakura Inject With Venom by Catholic-Ronin
Animation - Video
April 3rd by PumiiH
Sakura Haruno Cosplay by a4th
Sketch - Doodle
Happy NaruSaku day! by Kaschra
Mature Content

Mature Content

NxS Office 1 by IZE96
Comics - Doujinshi
NaruSaku Bulky Bars MG Comic Full Ver by Catholic-Ronin
Past NaruSaku Week
narusaku chibi by PumiiH
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The Folder Guide


:bulletpink: Featured Any Naruto and Sakura work that does not fit into the other categories. This is usually drawings, both digital and traditional, and dolls.

:bulletpink: Naruto Uzumaki Any traditional/digital artwork of Naruto only.

:bulletpink: Sakura Haruno Any traditional/digital artwork of Sakura only.

:bulletpink: Family and Children Any pictures of children of Sakura and Naruto. This includes them with the children and the kids by themselves. Pregnancy pictures are allowed.

:bulletpink: Team Seven Artwork featuring Sasuke, Kakashi, Sai, or Yamato with Naruto and Sakura. Both Sakura AND Naruto must be present. Threesomes are fine if NaruSaku is involved.

:bulletpink: Groups and Friends Pictures of Naruto and Sakura with friends or non-team members. Double dates are fine.

:bulletpink: Stamps and Icons Animated icons or stamps featuring support or Naruto, Sakura, or the NaruSaku coupling.

:bulletpink: Animation and Meme Any animation (flash, not avatars) or meme.

:bulletpink: Cosplay Any pictures/photographs of live people in Naruto and Sakura costumes. They can be together as a couple, or just a picture of Naruto or Sakura by themselves.

:bulletpink: Comics and Doujinshi Any comic strips or doujinshi pages. These can be with or without dialogue. Preferably translated into English either in the page or artists’ comments (THANKS).

:bulletpink: Fan Fiction Any written Naruto and Sakura work. This can be fanfiction or poetry.

:bulletpink: NaruSaku Week Any and all work from August’s NaruSaku Week. If you didn’t submit yet, feel free. It will be open next year on the same week.

:bulletpink: Contests The current contest folder will always be open. After the contest is finished, it will be sealed and unable to be submitted to and the next contest will be opened.

Random from Featured


We will accept any and all affiliates from any fandom, especially groups supporting Naruto and NaruSaku.

Non Group Affiliates

:bulletorange::bulletpink: *~*NON-GROUP AFFILIATES*~* :bulletpink::bulletorange:

:date: Our Sister Club :date:

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Hello everyone this is :iconkonohakitten: one of the admins of this group. I'm here to inform all of you that there is a contest that is going to be going on

by :iconnarutoxsakura-fc:

For whatever reason the link to their journal keeps breaking and it's not working, so I'm going to post the details here.

As some older members know, this DeviantArt group holds a NaruSaku contest at least once a year. I failed to follow through last year due to some real life situations so I am planing it this year.

October 21-27

What I still need:
-Daily theme ideas

If any of you want to be a judge or you run another NaruSaku group who wants to
affiliate and join in as a collaboration contest, let me know. Or if you can donate
points or a prize, also let me know!


Well there you have it everyone! Please feel free to participate in either submitting and entry or by helping in other ways.

On another note I would like to hear from the other admins in the group, it seems that I am the only one that is submitting work to the group. I'm just curious if this is the case. I always kinda figured I was but I went on vacation and came back to find a good amount of entries that had not been added. Now that's cool if you can't be an active admin, I just want to know whats going on.
More Journal Entries

The SakuNaru Rules

Welcome to SakuNaru! We are fans of the Naruto coupling of Haruno Sakura and Uzumaki Naruto.


Page One
Page Two
Page Three


Non-Group Affiliates
Club Chatroom


:bulletorange: You must like the Sakura/Naruto coupling
:bulletorange: Yaoi/Yuri is allowed (with NaruSaku focus)
:bulletorange: Gender-Bending and Original Characters are allowed
:bulletorange: Alternate Universes and Konoha Gakuen is allowed
:bulletorange: Mature Work is accepted
:bulletorange: Do not flame any members of deviantART or clubs that do not support the same couple as you.
:bulletorange: Under no circumstances should you flame Anti-NaruSaku. The admins of the club report directly to me and I will make sure you are not only banned from the club, but the network for spam.


:bulletpink: Click the “Join Group” icon at the top of the page.
:bulletpink: To show your Groups: Go to your Homepage. Select Edit Page. Add Widget. Groups.

:star: How to Make the Icon :star:

Put : iconSakuNaru : WITHOUT the spaces! It will look like this


:bulletorange: Click “Join Group” and select “Contributors"
:bulletorange: The “Admin Area” will be accessible to you under “Group Messages”
:bulletorange: As an admin you may approve artwork and favorites, organize the gallery, and approve memberships



:bulletpink: If you are a Group go to your Group’s Homepage and click “Invite” and choose “Affiliation”
:bulletpink: Type in “SakuNaru” and click “Invite to Affiliate”
:bulletpink: We will choose to accept/deny your Affiliation


:bulletpink: To Affiliate send us a note titled “Affiliate”
:bulletpink: Please put our icon in your journal

*~*FAN ART*~*

:bulletorange: Click the “Contribute Art” button at the top of the page.
:bulletorange: Select a piece from your gallery and follow the instructions to submit it.
:bulletorange: Note which category you’re placing your work into.


:bulletorange: All artwork must feature Sakura/Naruto
:bulletorange: Yaoi/Yuri is allowed (with NaruSaku focus)
:bulletorange: Bases and Pixels are allowed with proper credit
:bulletorange: Collaboration is perfectly fine with proper credit
:bulletorange: Mature Work is accepted
:bulletorange: Please make sure that your artwork has a watermark of some sort.

:star:Please note which category you’re placing your artwork in. Also make sure that you credit Masashi Kishimoto for his characters. If your work is in another language, please make an English version.


:bulletpink: Click the “Suggest A Favorite” button at the top of the page
:bulletpink: All favorites must be Sakura/Naruto
:bulletpink: Favorites are subject to deletion or refusal if they do not follow the above rules


:bulletorange: All fiction must feature Sakura/Naruto
:bulletorange: Yaoi/Yuri is allowed (with NaruSaku focus)
:bulletorange: Collaboration is perfectly fine with proper credit
:bulletorange: Mature artwork is allowed
:bulletorange: Place the title of your Fiction at the top in BOLD
:bulletorange: In your “Author’s Comments” on your deviation please include:

~ Title The name of your story, obviously
~ Author Your username, include an alias if you’d like
~ Rating K-M with K as the lowest (Kids, for everyone) to M (Mature, sexual/swearing)
~ Pairing(s) All the pairings that will be featured in the story
~ Summary A quick plot summary of about two sentences. Giving readers a taste.

**Picture for Icon**


:bulletorange::bulletpink: *~*NARUSAKU STAMPS*~* :bulletpink::bulletorange:

NaruSaku Stamp by Shay-Sama I Appreciate NaruSaku Stamp by Boxy-Izzy-Stamps:thumb122717741: Narusaku stamp by MissxKyle NaruSaku Stamp by Nighty-san +NaruSaku+ by SweetMiaArt:thumb256155096::thumb187714830: NaruSaku Stamp by whiteflamingo Narusaku - Stamp by Kaorulov:thumb282513688: NS Stamp by SakuNyu NaruSaku Stamp 2 by whiteflamingo:thumb209704872: Narusaku Stamp III by Tainaka Narusaku Stamp I by Tainaka NS Fan by Frutful Stamp NaruSaku by Natzabel:thumb260259949: NaruSaku Stamp by taichikun14 NaruSaku Stamp by Denychie narusaku stamp by shary12 NaruSaku Stamp 3 by whiteflamingo


NaruSaku Links


Heaven & Earth Forum
NaruSaku TMA

Fan Fiction

Heaven & Earth
Best of NaruSaku
LJ Recommendations

Adult Work

Please be aware this is for 18+

Hentai Fiction
Hentai Artwork

NaruSaku Love

:bulletorange::bulletpink: *~*NARUSAKU AFFILIATES*~* :bulletpink::bulletorange:



I am always looking for new contributors to help approve deviations.

The Grand Poobah


The Lackies




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Get a chance to share your art as well by submitting them to the group~and have a chance to find friend and get to know your fellow Naruto Fans :) (Smile)
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