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The history of this beautiful creature will reach the end of the Edo period, the second half of the nineteenth century. He was then a ronin and until the age of 24 he lived a relatively peaceful life of an independent warrior. As a result of tragic circumstances, however, he lost everything, including his young wife and unborn child. Full of feelings of helplessness and senselessness of life, he only expected his imminent death. Then he met a mysterious man who introduced himself to him as Ren. He offered him new, eternal life and a chance to revenge. Ryo agreed, thinking that he couldn't lose more. As a newborn immortelle, he was eager for blood and revenge, but this feeling passed over the years leaving only emptiness in his heart and longing for the normal life and warmth of the other person.
He took the name Ryo only as a vampire, as a symbol of new life. Originally it was Asai Masanori.

P.S. This story is pure fiction, which my brain spontaneously created, as a result of the abuse of vampire movies, Japanese music from the 80's and 90's, samurai histories and, above all, the annual research on yaoi manga as part of thesis. Therefore, please treat it with a pinch of salt ;)

P.S.2 I apologize for any language mistakes, English is not my mother tongue and I don't fluently handle it.
Always slipping by
the wind of evolution selects our blood
Left behind, I rise into the sky
gazing up at that ship
blown by the wind

Let me belong to your race 

Riding on a future you’re unable to believe in
Where do you go?
Even you do not know
In the end devote all your love…

The ceaseless cold winds
carry your torn voice
Do you not sense our impending destruction?
Before it comes I want to see you
just one more time

Let me belong to your blood 

When night falls I remember
you upon the sand
gathering scattered
falling down from the sky

But you still
do not know
Oh, I miss you so

Listening to the wind on nights when stars fall
Deep into the night

Where do the cold winds go?
All night round’n round

What can I do from here?
You drive me crazy now

Can I go to where you are?
Deep into the night

What can I do from here?
You drive me crazy now 

Dead End - Serafine

I really wanted him to be Ren.
Ren is one of the over-living vampires and is nearly 400 years old. He is the "father" of Ryo and an extremely mysterious figure, whose exact origins he did not even recognize Ryo. He speaks very little, especially about himself, he never reveals his feelings and always tries to cover half of his face. He gave Ryo a new eternal life when he was on the verge of life and death. They are exceptionally close, though they have stopped wandering together. Ever since they met to be in love with Ryo, he never told him.

This is a very general outline of the character that was to be inspired by Morrie, Motoyuki Otsuka. In this case, Jenak is definitely more than inspiration, it's just fanart ><
I will definitely return to this character because my brain has already generated its appearance and history.
Sakurai Atsushi
I'm coming back after another long break. I started several projects, but I suspect that only one will be good for something.
I also had a great desire to draw something classic, with pencils, because I didn't have them in my hand for a long time. It was quite unfortunate that at the moment I was finishing this drawing, Sakurai-san was hospitalized in a very difficult condition. I would like him to see it someday. It's my greatest inspiration, inspiration, my muse. I can't imagine that one day I would miss it. I can only wish him a quick recovery and send good vibes every day.
I hope that this drawing, slightly different from other works, will appeal to someone.

I always want to hear that voice Heart 
Buck-Tick "Hyper Love" 


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