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Published: February 11, 2006
© 2006 - 2019 Saktoth
A map i did for a fantasy world of my own invention. Using Nasa photographs (Not copyright) and lots of clone stamping.
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Comments (104)
The-Aries-Knight's avatar
Really cool map! I especially like the 'ring' with the island in the middle.
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15748871's avatar
where is this map froom
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keinear's avatar
Beautiful! I respect you.
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TheFriendmeister's avatar
TheFriendmeister|Hobbyist Digital Artist
did it gotchu me with the circle game? because it looks like theres a hand where the water circle/crater or whatever you wanna call it is.
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W-Monroe's avatar
W-Monroe|Professional Writer
This is pretty amazing. I especially like the little body of water north, northwest of the crater sea. I don't know why this is, but it just feels so much more complete to me with that addition. Great job!
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GoldenGaming654's avatar
GoldenGaming654|Student Filmographer
Nice!I also have my own fictional planet
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RenWex's avatar
RenWex|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That looks awesome! :)
Tell me how you did that if you ever have some spare time! :)
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df1racing2beta's avatar
df1racing2beta|Hobbyist General Artist
Se parece a Rhodinia.
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jimdwyrick's avatar
Wow!  It would be like a Mediterranean Sea on 'roids!  Most inspiring!  I'm going to try this.
 Crater Sea, in the center, with Crater Bay just to the east would be prime real-estate.  Perfect shelter from the storms that whip through.  Teaming with life, Earth colonists will be fruitful, multiply, subdue Map (good name), and replenish her.
Join the underground political revolution to do this!  Write in Lyndon LaRouche's name, this November.
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Wulframm's avatar
hey, i love the photo!

i especially love the crater; it really stirs the imagination. i'm currently working on writing a story, and that crater would be an awesome place for a kingdom. it's probably why you made it in the first place. X3
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Bry-Sinclair's avatar
Bry-Sinclair|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This looks amazing!
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AvatarVyakara's avatar
AvatarVyakara|Hobbyist Artist
Absolutely breathtaking. This must have taken about as long by computer as by tectonic plates...
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wolih's avatar
wolih|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome! It would be cool if the map were seamless so it could be proyected on a sphere
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DreamsUnderStarlight's avatar
DreamsUnderStarlight|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the asteroid crater sea in the middle.
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Ulthigar's avatar
Excellent job. Snow is so real!
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slylen's avatar
slylen|Hobbyist General Artist
Im can feel myself already playing out the rise and fall of empires throughout the ages on this map. Such a neat design!
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MrPheenox's avatar
MrPheenox|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Could you do a tutorial?
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CITRUSKING46's avatar
After playing Far Cry 3 for several hours, my immediate instinct upon seeing this map was to mark a waypoint at that little island in the center of that enclosed area, but real life isn't a map screen and now I feel silly.
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Chrisqufo's avatar
Chrisqufo|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is one of the coolest maps I've seen. Great job.
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fortitude1's avatar
I like how the highlands match the impact angle.
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rambocambo's avatar
rambocambo|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
great idea.
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Gallstafff01's avatar
i love the crater, nice map over all.
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