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Tales of the Fallen



Tales of the Fallen


This is my contest entry for…


The characters cosplays are based on the Tales Series Franchise

Either by personality’s traits I thought that fit them or by look or in some cases both.

So from left to right is as follows.


Tales of Phantasia – Claus F. Lester ( Klarth F. Lester ) – Father Sam


Tales of Destiny 2 – Reala – Ora


Tales of the Abyss – Luke fon Fabre – Arma


Tales of Vesperia – Judith – Lamia


Tales of Hearts – Kohaku Hearts – Vesta


Tales of Symphonia – Rain Sage (Refill Sage) – Neiva


Tales of Destiny - Lilith Aileron – Maris


Tales of the Abyss – Mieu – Vox


Tales of Phantasia – Tales of Symphonia – Tales of Symphonia Dawn of a new World – Martel – Munchkin


PS: Vesta’s Deck Broom is an item you can obtain in Tales of Symphonia for Rain Sage (Refill Sage), so I like to think Neiva gave it to her to keep her busy so that she could read in peace.


PSS: Ora is holding a bowl of Gels an Consumable item you can get in the tales series for either HP FP or both, Arma’s choking on one due to Lamia’s surprise attack.


Name: Amanda Pacheco (Sakrachi)

Country: United States

Website: Deviantart

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First of all, I want to apologize for not being able to leave this comment sooner. If you haven't already seen the results of the contest, I have posted them here:

You definitely had the most ambitious entry in the contest this year! Nobody else drew this many characters, and I had a lot of fun going through and figuring out who was cosplaying as who. I love that even Vox got in on the action, haha. You even managed to keep everyone mostly in character despite cosplaying as someone else, and I think that was really cool :D Plus, all the fall leaves! Perfect for FaLLEN :D :D

Thanks for entering this year! I hope you'll be able to enter again next year ^^