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xx.NEMAI goddess of fire

By sakoru
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He watched in silent hatred as she circled down from the ash-laden skies, her belly blazing orange in the light of the flames. Behind her, his village burned, and he hated her demonic beauty, hated the pride with which she carried herself, this demon from hell, the scourge of this country for the past thousand years. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth as she lit lazily upon a boulder, ivory claws digging into the grey stone, great translucent wings stretched above her for balance. She turned her head, and he could see the mad gleam of murder in her golden eyes.

The dragon did not smile, but she did curl her claws deeper into the stone, and stroked the air with her wings, mocking him. He was nothing to her power, and they both knew it. The knowledge only made his fury burn hotter, hotter than the flames which had burst from her sly mouth to set his home ablaze. And she could see it in his eyes. A soft laugh trickled from her slender, fanged maw, and she flicked her beautiful tail before speaking.

"You hate me."

That was all she said, and he could not help but clench his fists tighter, until his nails dug into his palms. Blood welled and dripped from his fingers, but he took no notice. Angry tears were beginning to well in his eyes, and he could see the pleasure she took in that. It made him loathe her still more. "You destroyed my village!"

She laughed. "Of course. How attached you humans are to others of your own kind. It warms my heart." She spat mockingly, and shifted so that her deep burgundy scales glittered, lit both by the smoke-hidden sun and the flames which leapt and crackled behind her.

Biting his lips, Drekan made as if to rush at her, but she merely cocked her head, and he found himself paralyzed, save for his mouth. Enjoyment was evident in the dragon's eyes, glimmering like gold.

"You're despicable! You kill people for no reason!"

His words were turning into harsh, broken sobs as he caught the dying scream of a child. Watching him, Nemai laughed, shifting her grip on the boulder, and furled her wings ever so slightly. "They exist. I do not want them to. So I kill them. And you, child, shall have the pleasure of being the only survivor. You shall hunt me for vengeance, and when at last you reach my lair, I shall kill you, too." With that, the dragoness pushed off the boulder, and shot low over his head, flicking his face with the end of her tail as she did so. Blood spurted from his cheek and ran down his face, and Drekan vowed to kill her.

He vowed to kill her, exactly as she had said he would.

So there's the little backstory behind this picture, though there wasn't one when I started drawing it. Anyway, this is my very first real piece of pixel art, and I like it very much! The dragon, obviously, is Nemai. I know that she doesn't look like a proper shade of burgundy, but she is. It's just that the shadows between the light on her back and her stomach make her look a lot darker. xD

I'm probably going to use her and Drekan in a story I'm planning to write. Hence the story passage. xD

I think that this is, without contest, my best work.

I would also like to say that this represents two MAJOR achievements for me:
1) it's my first real pixel art AND (more importantly)
2) I learned how to make things transparent. HECKYEAH.

:iconaveilthe: Ave, this one's 'cause of you. <3

char & art (c) me (Sakoru)

time: good god...I don't even know. 9 hours at the very least. I don't think I want to try and recall the exact time. xD

EDIT: that pixelation isn't supposed to be there...but it doesn't look half bad. xD


Do not steal, alter, distribute, manipulate or in any way use this picture. It is for my use ONLY.
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© 2009 - 2021 sakoru
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Such a great character ;P

Pretty; and I love you do pixel art with only 1 pixel lines.
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fwee! I loves her >> I wanna write a story with her in it, sometime! <3

awww, thank you! and...1 pixel lines? wha? xD
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You make skinny linearts.
Mine are scribbly. XD
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ohhhh xD well, sometimes I scribble ;3 like on 'xx.helpless'. That one's scribbleh. xD
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Holy crap, the wings. Beautiful.
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*squees and blushes* aww, thanks luff!! =D (I like the wings too 8D)
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8D lawl I'll take that to mean you like it :3333 *runs in circles*
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w o w !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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;D *cheers* thank you!!! <33
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lol, I really really love the story to, that was absolutely brilliant!!!:hug:
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awww, thanks Cards!! <33 *squees*
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lol I screwed up my emoticon ^^
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fahaha that's okay xDD *dances*
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your welcome Sakky :pounce:
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Wow this is an amazing pixil art Sakky. Really awesome stuff!
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YAY! *noms n huggles* glad ya like it! n.n
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;D thank you! <3
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o.o Holy WTFBBQ omaifuckin gawd. Sakky.... :drool: This is awesome I love the fire. o.o I also LOVE the backstory. xP
sakoru's avatar
;3 I did say you'd never be bored again~! <3 ahaha awww thanks! <3
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It definately cured mah boredom. o.o And you're super welcomes!! xP
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;3 yay! *squees and dances around*
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this is gorgeous! I love the wings :3
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