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Isn't he just gorgeous! ;D This is Kuwari's friend, Abraxas, whose mountains and sky didn't scan right. But that's okay.

Done with muchos enthusiasm for Sarcor, Abraxas' proud RPer! =)

Abraxas (c) Sarcor
Art (c) me :iconsakoru:

Time: about 2 1/2, 3 hours
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OMG!!!! Now I whant you to do Marcus x3 DESPITE WHAT I SAID BEFOREEEZ!!!!

I love eet ^.^
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CASTER! *screams and deviantSTALKs*

AHAHAHA my art has that effect on people sometimes, it seems .-. at least you've got a meantime picture for him X3 if I get some request muse back, I'll draw him for ya n.n

I love it too! <3 Abraxas came out really well :D
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Basically the same reaction as mercilia below, though I'm also stunned by how you can make something so complex look so simple. :D
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xDDD the reason it looks simple is cause it was .-. he was easy to draw (though that could've been my MAD SKILLZ. Or interest. More likely the latter xD)

but d'awwww, thanks Smarty! *noms*
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Probably both, as that wouldn't be easy for me to draw. :XD:

And you're welcome. :D
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xDD you dun draw as many dragons as I do ;3 *OMNOMNOM*

;D! <3
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This iiiiiissss sooo perrrrtyyyy :meow:
I wuv the pose and the colour and the wings... Ohhh hteh wings are soo shinyyy :D
I am engulfed by the complete and utter pertyyness...
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EHEHE squeee, thanks, Merci! <333 *huggles*

I like him tooo <3 He's a great character! I'd say thank you to Sarcor (wherever he is) for making him ;3 *huggles* BUT THANK YOOOOU <333
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The way you've drawn him is just so perty thouuuughhh :D
I am in awe as usual ;)
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d'awwww, thank you! <3 I really like the way he came out, meself! <3 *cuddles*
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