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Just a small little fangirling journal!!  :iconrubcheeksplz:

This is a list of all fanarts of my :iconnuerror: characters *mostly*.

ExclamationUpdates (old on top, new on bottom)Exclamation

Update#1: This here is a [link] to a secret-santa wishlist that includes details on my OCs. I'm including it here since some people told me it was useful when drawing my babies. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :heart:

Update#2: The collection is getting so big oh my! THANK YOU EVERYONE OMGOMGOMG! /)////////////(\
I had to cut out the text though, and left only the pictures ;3; My comments to the pictures can still be found in the specific deviations! THANKS AGAIN! :heart: 

Update#3: New pictures have a :new: icon next to them. Thank you!! :heart:

Update#4 (3rd Feb 2015): 
Updated the collection! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! You give me such big motivation and inspiration to keep working on my project! //after my exams I'll make sure to upload more things! :la:  THANKS AGAIN!!! :heart:

ExclamationIf you use firefox, right click and "View Image" on the pictures that are hosted outside of dA to view full-res!!! Exclamation

Drawings of Shinkami!!

:new: MisterMya :pointr: <da:thumb id="398463601"/>  Shinshin by sakonma   Shinkami By Mistermya by sakonma 

eivven :pointr: :IC: Shinkami by eivven

 cmmn :pointr:  F  Senpai By Cyarei-d6p0jvt by sakonma   , butt- shin by cmmn shinchan by cmmn    Cc3481a039b0fa325bcdc3242e0a25a4-d7t2rpf by sakonma   Cmmn Shinshin by sakonma  

MMtheMayo :pointr:  tumblr muimj2Vd4G1rgssmdo1 1280 by sakonma  

komoralys :pointr: Shinkami by komoralys

:new: Saroyarin :pointr: Floating Dream [Shinkami] by Saroyarin  Shinkami by Saroyarin

ayakurri :pointr: Shin by ayakurri

Aresky :pointr:  Sleep well Shinkami - NuError by Aresky   Feel the light - NuError by Aresky  834570620 by sakonma 

 TattiArt :pointr: <da:thumb id="473704913"/>

 IMAKINATION :pointr:  For Sakonma~ by IMAKINATION

:new: kykie02 :pointr: Asdfasdf by sakonma   (170615) commission for MisterMya by kykie02

:new: endspire :pointr:  CIEz4cGWsAAhKlC by sakonma 

:new: NabiHaemi  :pointr: tumblr n514ipM7Kk1slwmi8o2 1280 by sakonma   tumblr mvvgblR96q1slwmi8o3 500 by sakonma  

:new: moto0207   :pointr:  Shin small by sakonma  

Drawings of Lerato!!

MMtheMayo :pointr: :NuErRor: Lerato by MMtheMayo     tumblr n044gwzDO01rgssmdo1 1280 by sakonma  

endspire :pointr:  tumblr mvfwabbzLv1rvkvh7o1 1280 by sakonma  tumblr muc4vfZwHs1rvkvh7o3 1280 by sakonma  CAVhfHwUQAAP0uq by sakonma 

Sigme :pointr:

EmbertheAngel :pointr: :thumb412323333:

TheSilentCartographe :pointr:

NabiHaemi :pointr: 

 MisterMya :pointr: Lerato by MisterMya 
 EBZi :pointr: B5p7tJVIAAENK0F by sakonma  

Drawings of Lyzlot!!

NekoTere :pointr: <da:thumb id="426935143"/>

Drawings of Kayun!!

NekoTere :pointr:  .:BE:Sakonma:. by Kyone-Kuaci

Akanetto :pointr:  AoI: The Black Lion by Akanetto

:new:  midorynn :pointr:  Kayun by midorynn

Drawings of Vael!

EmbertheAngel :pointr: <da:thumb id="413216228"/>

NabiHaemi :pointr:  

Aresky :pointr:  832327231 by sakonma    834715826 by sakonma   

 samskia :pointr: B5r9T2tCQAERMoW by sakonma 

:new: MisterMya :pointr:   Vael by MisterMya by sakonma 

Drawings of Lyn!!

Aresky :pointr:  Lyn - NuError by Aresky

Drawings of Nuya!!

ayakurri :pointr: Nuya by ayakurri

Drawings of Keiti!!

Aresky :pointr:  832340773 by sakonma  

EmbertheAngel :pointr: <da:thumb id="426622815"/>

Drawings of Regulus!!

:new: endspire :pointr:  Regulus by endspire by sakonma 

:new: kuyuan :pointr:  Regulus by Kuyuan by sakonma 

Drawings of Nevan!!

EchizensGirl :pointr:    Nevan by EchizensGirl
LordAsagi :pointr:

Group Drawings!!

EmbertheAngel :pointr:  

NabiHaemi :pointr:  tumblr mzmpd93UDv1slwmi8o2 1280 by sakonma   

Aresky :pointr:  Be ambitious - NuError by Aresky

 MisterMya :pointr:  B6pyAVnCMAAB26c by sakonma  

Couple Drawings!!

TheSilentCartographe :pointr:     

MisterMya :pointr: <da:thumb id="415623012"/>

Aresky :pointr:  First time - NuError by Aresky   834716735 by sakonma  


 Wayfir :pointr:  Fangirling by Wayfir 

Thank you everyone so much! You don't know how happy it makes me when people draw my babies! :iconrlytearplz:
I'm off to go draw them as well now heeeee! :iconfeelingfreeplz:

© 2013 - 2021 sakonma
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Wayfir's avatar
these farts are so bootifuru :iconcannotevenplz:
mygaaawwwd...time to do some fart of shinkami...and lyzlot...:iconohohoplz:
sakonma's avatar
F-fart???? :iconrazycryplz:
//oh god now I saw waht you mean BUT WOAH I FELT SO HURT SO A SECOND S-SOB

but aah thank you so much!! :iconleeblushplz:
Wayfir's avatar

//IM SO SORRY :iconcraiyuiplz: Forgive me :iconpapplz:
sakonma's avatar

//pinches your cheeks :iconcheekplz:
Wayfir's avatar

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sakonma's avatar
Thank you so much! 
EchizensGirl's avatar
Aw poor Lzy and Lyn they have no love despite being so close to Shin!
Not that I blame people for loving/drawing him, he's such a precious baby

Hopefully during break I can draw them while I am drawing my fan comic I wanna make for you
sakonma's avatar
HAHA oopps well that's because I rarely draw them myself oopsie! XD
I should give them more love YuY

But haha yes Shin gets the most love as the protag I suppose! //and my fav aaah I LOVEMY BABY :iconleeblushplz:

Oh my god Makky please focus onj your school responsibilities first!! I CAN WAIT DONT WORRY JUST THINKING YOU'RE EVEN CONSIDERING MAKING ONE MAKES ME THE HAPPIEST! THANK YOU SO MUCH :iconbrohugplz:
EchizensGirl's avatar
I am focusing on my school work, that's why it'll be during my school break cause I have no time to become unfocused xD
But thanks for the concern
sakonma's avatar
Dont sweat it dear omg please focus on school!! It's very important! :iconrubcheeksplz:
Thank you a ton again for all the love you show me Makky :iconleeblushplz:
xXMasterUndertakerXx's avatar
I would like to make you some art! but its hard to choose which ones to draw Xd
sakonma's avatar
Oh my goodness!!! :iconiloveyouplz:
This is so sweet of you! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :iconbrohugplz:
I-i dont know what to say! Thanks for liking my ocs! :iconleeblushplz:
xXMasterUndertakerXx's avatar
you're welcome XD
and choose whomever you want me to draw and I will draw them.
sakonma's avatar
Waaaaht! OH MY GOODNESS :iconcannotevenplz:
Kayun please? ;7; 
Oh god you're too kind :iconleeblushplz:
xXMasterUndertakerXx's avatar
Yeah I can draw him for ya :iconflatteredplz:
May I draw him with me Demon Lord of Winter's Snow and Ice?

my idea for the picture is he gets caught in an ice storm
and the rueful lord finds heart and spares him from an icy grave
How does that sound?
sakonma's avatar
Aaah thank you so much!! ;7; 
Oooh and that sounds interesting! .0. Kayun's element is fire so I havent ever thought to put him in an icy environment so that'll be pretty interesting!  Yes!!! :la:
xXMasterUndertakerXx's avatar
I will have to redraw his face though XD
I made it bigger than Miljek's by accident
and I have lack of a facial expression
for Miljek, but Kayun looks dead.... ooops.
ANd Miljek is trying to save a guy whos element is
fire and walked into hi icy domain by accident XD
I guess Millie just feels like being nice?
anyways I should just shut up XD
[[damn zoom in tool XD]]
OI! And sorry for getting to your reply so late,
they are turning off the free internet at my apartments
sakonma's avatar
AWWWWW it's ok haha take your time! I want you to enjoy it! Dont do it for me, but for yourself ok? :iconbrohugplz:

Haha that sounds funny!! :giggle: I dont know much about your character, but he sounds interesting .v.b

And sry about the internet over there! I hope you find a solution to the prob! ;0;
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I want to do this >w<
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cmmn's avatar
oh my god i feel so out of place
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