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Ecliptic love

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Character:  :bulletpink: Selina (left) and Gabriel (right) for :iconkuyuan:
Art: :bulletpink: sakonma  

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First upload of the new year! ´7` <33 So happy that it is this picture! :happybounce:

I started this illustration a couple months ago, but due to me working on other things and being busy in RL, it took me a while to finish it o(-( I wanted to resume working on this at a time where I wouldn't have many other things going on, so I could focus on all the details and do the designs&characters justice QuQ I didn't want to rush it, and even though it is an experimental commission I spent double the time I usually do for them haha, but aah I just loved working on this ´u`

A big reason for that were Kuyu's characters <3 I just love Kuyu's designs aaah they so pretty! ´7` And totally my aesthetic, so it's a pure bliss working on these characters ´7`<3333 Gabriel and Selina are both characters (vampires) in Kuyu's story, and they are two out of the 4 founders of House SeleneGabriel is a bit of an eccentric individual, because despite being a vampire, he is active during the day. He's kindhearted and has the ability to control plants (yay for the branches and leafs in the BG °Y° ). Selina on the other hand is considered the matriarch of Selenite Haven, is a just and openminded vampire, but has a strong iron will as well. Her ability is to create illussions within mirrors and other reflective surfaces (that's why I added the random broken mirror shards here and there, which I now see look like glass instead of mirrors ooops ΦΦ ) The two of them have a deep relationship, and are partners in battle and any other part of their life. 

I wanted this illustration to focus on them "going to battle together". This type of feeling. Something dynamic and "strong", but not too serious. I wanted it to be a bit intimate as well, in the "I've got your back, always" sense ´3`That's why having one of them look straight, while the other's body has its back turned to us was what I went with. I really didn't want to draw the standard "back to back" composition to portray their trust and support during battle, and instead wanted to flip this concept around /0/ 

I kept the BG mostly minimalistic, mailny due to the fact that the designs themselfes have a lot of details and would require time, but also because-- IT WOULD BE A SIN TO CLUTTER THE BG AND NOT MAKE THESE BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS THE CENTRAL FOCUS!!! :nuu: I centered the "main point" of the background on the theme of an eclipse. Mainly because when I first starte this illustration, it was around the time of the 2017 eclipse, and second because I related Gabriel to the sun (since he's a vampire who is active during the day) and Selina to the moon (since her name derives from the Greek word for "moon".) Now as for the rest... I have no idea how that composition happened. The more I look at it the more I wonder how I managed not to keep it symmetric like... what are those lines even??? :pointr: Composition Are You Ok
But to be honest, looking at it with a more "free mind", I like the imperfections of the composition! I like how things are "not in the center", and how the characters are a bit displaced. It creates a "flow" I believe, at least in my eyes ΦΦ //ok dont listen to me about composition, I'm not a teacher, just an excited little pigeon

To close this long long description: The title is a bit of a wordplay. Ecliptic can mean: 1)Something related to the eclipse. 2)The line/orbit that the sun follows through out the year, resulting in the creation of the seasons. 3) The literal translation of the greek word "εκλείπω", meaning "something that has ceased to exist". So therefore the title pretty much can be interpreted as "A love that has ceased to exist" or "A love that is seasonal". I just really liked how it sounds Q7Q<3 And I also liked how it relates to the characters, because in the story, it is implied that Gabby and Selina were in love in the past, but political and battle occurances and misunderstandings lead to a complication in their relationship. ´0`~

All in all, probably one of my personal favorite illustrations I have done ´u` I... kinda want to print this out in a big poster and hang it in my room, despite these babies not being my own characters... I feel like a fangirl now /)/////(\  //not-so-secretly swoons over Kuyu's designs
Thank you everyone for dropping by!  Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] by Jerikuto
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Media  Bullet; Blue Painttool Sai entirely | Wacom Intuos
Time   Bullet; Blue ~20 hours 
Trivia  Bullet; Blue  I was listening to a walkthrough of Bloodborne while painting this hahahaha I'm surprised it turned out to be a bright picture and not a super dark one ΦΦ Maybe because at the sketching-stage, I was listening to Kuyu's music, not the walkthrough hmmm
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Awesome work!I hope you'll do much more battling scenes but if you want to of course!
sakonma's avatar
Thank you so much! Aaah I'm glad you like this picture! ´7` 
It was super fun to draw this scene for me as well!! :la: And yes, if I get the opportunity, most definitely >v<b
Thanks again!
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Very sorry for the late reply! Your welcome! Just keep up the great work!
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Thank you!! :iconawwloveplz:
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This piece is so goood aaaa o-(-(((
sakonma's avatar
AAAH THANK YOU!!! I am very attached to this piece so it means a lot that you like it!! :iconleeblushplz:
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Ohhhh, lovely 😇😘
sakonma's avatar
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This looks so cool! :wow:
I really love the pose of the guy, he looks so badass. XD Also I really love how his face came out. 
The girl's pose looks really good too and they sure fit together so well. :)
I think you did an amazing job on this. 
sakonma's avatar
Thank you so much Coraleana!! :iconawwloveplz:
Glad you like the poses!! And aah I loved working on his face haha so I'm happy you also like how it came out ´7`<33
Thanks again! :blowkiss:
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you're welcome :)
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FJGHKFHG AAAHH THIS IS VERY VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL KYAAAAAA :iconmoeblushplz: :iconmoeblushplz: :iconmoeblushplz: :iconmoeblushplz: :iconmoeblushplz: :iconmoeblushplz: :iconmoeblushplz: :iconmoeblushplz: :iconmoeblushplz:
you really did get all the points for this character ;;///////////;; 
this is one of our favorites as well <3333 wonderful amazing job as always :iconedyeahplz::iconuhuhuhuplz:
thank you for blessing our watch list with beautiful piece aaaaaaaaaaa >///<
sakonma's avatar

I'm really happy you like it QuQ<33 And aaaah so sweet that it's one of your favorites! :iconleeblushplz:

Thank you again you sweeties! Your comments always put a smile on my face ´u`<33 
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This is so beautiful :D i love the colouring in and detail. ;v;
sakonma's avatar
Awww thank you so much :iconawwloveplz: Glad you like it! :blowkiss:
Ui-Azuma's avatar
You're welcome. c:
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I love the dynamic posing! Really puts action and feeling into the piece.
And all the fluff on that jacket.
Love the puff and fluff!
sakonma's avatar
Thank you so much Makky!!! I'm glad you perceive the posing as such, since this is what I was aiming for! :la:
Thanks again Makky! ´7`<333
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WHY YOU SOOOOO GOOD!!!??? THIS IS GORGEOUS SAKON!!! :iconuhuhuhuplz: :iconblushuplz:
sakonma's avatar
AAAA THANK YOU SIRIA!! :iconcannotevenplz:
I'm so happy you like it!! :iconleeblushplz:
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:iconrubcheeksplz: But it’s so beautiful! Of course I would! :iconbrohugplz:
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