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2017 Art Summary


Art: sakonma 
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Woohooo!! It's that time of the year again! :la: Doing this every year is a lot of fun haha but at the same time, I can't decide which illustrations to put in each section! :giggle:
Similar to last year, I think my art (drawing style) has stopped changing. I find myself to be very comfortable with drawing now (after so many years of doing it I guess haha). I'm a bit skeptical about the lack of clear improvement but to be honest, it doesn't bother me much! I'm happy with what I'm drawing so I guess that's all that matters ´u`  

This year though, I experimented A LOT with new brushes and coloring/painting style to be honest! I tried out lots of different things like cell-shading, 1-brush-1-layer style, painterly style, and even more simplified-anime style or even sketch&screentones style! It was a lot of fun discovering what works best for each technique and how each style can be used to express specific themes better! I must say though that I regret not trying out the realism-style more QuQ I guess it's something I shall put in my to-do list for next year ´u`v

:flail: Similar to last year, but even more prominent in this one, I did a lot of speedpaints. I think my speed has improved a lot thanks to finally having settled with my art-style, and having experimented alot with the coloring/painting styles I mentioned above. New SAI-brush discoveries also helped a lot in that .v.b I think this year I was happy to be able to express things with just 30-59 min speedpaints. That was something very convenient, as I had very little freetime, yet still wanted to share/express my thoughts and feelings through small personal illustrations, no matter how messy they looked. It was important to get a specific "mood" across, and I'm happy I was able to do that! 
:flail: This year I have also done something I was dreaming of ever since I started drawing: Making my own game ´u` Even if it was in the form of a Visual Novel, it was a huge step for me! 2017 is the year I made a VN sample and opened a commission slot for it, and it's been such an experience! I would like to thank Bahamutia from the bottom of my heart! She was the one who purchased the VN slot and working with her on the Visual Novel all these months has been a wonderful journey! <333 I learned many things, and I feel that working on this project has expanded my horizons a lot in terms of software, project planning, and manymany other things. Istg Bahamutia is SUCH a wonderful person to work with I really feel like I have been blessed with a wonderful partner and friend for this project! We're slowly wrapping things up btw, so please expect the Visual Novel to release next month hopefully! >u<♥

:flail: Now as for other stuff, I think I streamed WAY WAAAY less this year compared to 2016. This is also partially because a big part of my time was spent working on RL stuff, and then the time left for drawing was spent working on the VN, which of course I didn't want to spoil haha :'D So yeah I couldn't share much through streams, and stopped doing them altogether, but I'd like to start them again for 2018 if possible .v.b 

:flail: Health-wise welp... This year was a trip XD I had very little hand/wrist complaints in 2017 actually, almost none at all, but I COMPLETELY RUINED MY BACK AT SOME POINT LMAO I overworked myself a lot and my back was like "Ok girl you gotta stop, here have a whole 10 days off where you just lie in bed and think about what you've put me through 8)". Next time I feel like I need a break, I will listen to my body haha. Please take care of your health everyone it's really important! QuQ I say this every year, but gdi why do I never listen to my own words o(-(

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Summed up: 


Original-wise: I did very few personal sketches this year but more finished illustrations. So it's a lose something gain something situation? 

Colors-wise: This year was probably the more diverse one color-wise! I worked with both regular and pastel colors, and even super dark "you can barely see what's going on" colors haha. And neon. SOME NEON COLORS TOO. 

Style-wise: No changes I think haha, but overall I can say that I simplified my style a bit? Maybe??? I am a dummy!

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Goals from previous year: 
Finish designing all my characters Point Right Failed lmao
-Draw more for friends, and hold a contest or raffle/giveawayPoint Right SUCCEEDED YAAAY 
-Work on Original Species Point Right Failed LOL
-Draw comics  Point Right Made a Visual Novel instead so I will count this one as succeeded XD

Art-Goals for 2018: Hold at least one raffle/giveaway again! And of course do more Visual Novels!! I'm really enjoying them ´u`<3 Now I also want to stream more and hopefully flesh out my OC babies&adopts more. I want to set realistic goals thought so I don't think I want to put more in my list, but if possible, I would really really like to try something special that has been in my mind lately for 2018. I will not share it publicly though until I have figured out the technical part but yes it is related to my journey with Visual Novels I'd say! My personal mindset is to try something new every year so yup! 2017 has been the year of VN exploration for me, so for 2018 I want to take this a step further .v.b

As always, I would like to thank every single one of you for your support this year as well! :blowkiss: I feel like my being inactive&busy in RL has led to less communication between me and my watchers this year (or maybe it's just an overall thing that's been happening here on dA??) But I still appreciate everyone who shows their support and love! As I've said last year, twitter is where I usually hang out, but deviantart will always have that one special place in my heart :iconkissingplz: 
Last but not least: I wish you all a beautiful, creative, improvement-filled and artblock-free 2018!!! :iconyaayplz: Always draw what you love, express your thoughts freely, and share&spread your passion with your art and artistic creations ´7`b  

I'm off to distribute some raffle tickets now and reply to comments :icontardmanplz:
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Skunkyfly's avatar
we can see your art growing from amazing into omega awesome,,, >////<

and we do hope every goals that you want will be achieved this year! :iconsmile-luplz: :iconflyingheartsplz:
OMGG YOU MADE,,,, A VISUAL NOVEL BEFORE!!?? O////////////////////O
sakonma's avatar
I'm so happy you can see some growth in my art this year QuQ<333


Oh and yes yes I've made a small Visual Novel sample before, and now I'm working on finishing a bigger project!!! :la:
Skunkyfly's avatar
you alwways do a great job senpai >/////////<

HGKJHKJD AND OMG OMG may we know what the title of the game? >///< if that was okey ofc
EchizensGirl's avatar
I think the improvement you had this year was the use of color/varied color schemes. You're style has settled, which is great! But your use of color has greatly expanded, which makes your pieces look much more diverse. I love seeing the variety you have now, it really allows for you to express the feeling in pieces better.

Hope you have a creative 2018!
sakonma's avatar
Yeah I think so too! My style has pretty much settled since last year I believe :'D 
And oooh I'm glad you see it so Makky!! Q7Q Yeah looking at it, there's so many different coloring styles I used XD 
But I'm glad it creates diversity! I just really love experimenting around with various things :iconleeblushplz:

Thank you so much Makky! I hope you have an amazing and super creative 2018 as well!! :iconlaloveplz:
EchizensGirl's avatar
And kinda random but
How did you keep the same font for the template?
Do you have it or just know a special skill....cause I have the template just don't know how to change it from the year when I got it lol
sakonma's avatar
Oooh I have a font for it yes! I made my own font so that I could change the "year"-text every year! XD
EchizensGirl's avatar
Oh cool! You're so talented
sakonma's avatar
Ah it's nothing special Makky! Click on the font tool in Photoshop, type the year, and apply. Then right-click on the text-layer you just created and click on "Blending Options". I usually add some "Outer glow" and it's done!! :nod:
heena02's avatar
I love seeing this meme from you! Your art is so amazing! :love: I'll be looking forward to your future projects! :aww:
sakonma's avatar
Aww thank you so much! QuQ That means a lot!
I'll keep doing my best for 2018 as well! >u<bbb
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