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P E R S O N A L  C O M M I S S I O N  C L O S E D

please note me!! :star: = Done | :bulletgreen: = Working/Waiting

Transparancy progress: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d…

COMMISSION LIST | Februari (2017):
:star: Yudhanegara Njoman (fb)
:star: Anindhita Raghia (fb)
:star: Anindhita Raghia (fb)
:star: Farhan Sarasin (fb)

WAITING LIST: please check google doc link above

UPDATE: Change the price for upcoming slot!! - Jan 2017.
I will open some slot for each month starting next months, I won't make any waiting list yet for a moment coz I can't keep any notes or open deviantart for the next month. I will comeback in mid February after 30 days expedition to Pangandaran, commission slot open next months after my return OvO)99

I will take one year ahead to focused on my current project SO I won't take another commission slot this year. I still don't have time for 'me time', really busy and there's still college which this semester I choose concentration for my final paper and apprentice program stuff etc etc.. Hope you all understand and for the people in waiting list, I will contact you again in my free time >__<
even I don't know could I finished this project well in time, but I and my team will try the best we can!! :D - Sakon. 10.02.2016 -

PM me first to take a slot/s. I have more free time this month TTvTT)//
Will start working at the end of November or beginning Desember... STARTING NOW!! There's some stuff I need to buy and it's really expensive.... help me to buy laptop!!! I need want since a long time ago so I can work outside XD
p.s: I have college tomorrow so I will check my notes a bit late, will reply in afternoon/night here (Indonesia time). If you want to have fast respond PM me on facebook or instagram, I only online dA on PC.

:star: = Done | :bulletgreen: = Working/Waiting

COMMISSION LIST | November-Desember (2016):
:star: nikicorny | 2 chibi 
:star: Dijedesu @ instagram | 2 chibi 
:star: Mindsebbandflow | 2 chara 
:star: Mochigoma @ tumblr | 2 chara (doodle) 
:star: Liliorl | 1 chibi 
:star: KPJ11 | 2 chara + BG
:star: Aru Aru @ facebook | 1 chara + BG
:star: Mindsebbandflow | 2 chara + BG
:star: enzouke | 2 chibi


:bulletgreen: LSupernova | 2 chara
:bulletgreen: jokerthebutler @ tumblr | 2 chara
:iconisacchi::iconjfonline::iconcutesu: Rosya Amandafb

Previous Commission Done :
:iconnikicorny::iconjfonline::iconfirst-taste-chief::iconazulann: :iconnitrou: :iconmindsebbandflow::iconkpj11::iconyuminetta::icondeanahere::iconohprocrastinator::iconraitokura::iconamber-sky::iconcecepeniston::iconmama-moose::icontheplushielady::iconlunatic-neko: :iconiheartcherries::icontoffee-tama::iconhelenpaige1::iconamanda-chiang::heart:
Dijedesu | WIBU CLOTH | Rickman Roedavan

:work: LATEST WORKS : 
COMMISSION ALBUM : sakon04.deviantart.com/gallery…



:damphyr: RULES
- Please check my commission status on my profile / ask me here
- PAY ME half first and half one after I finished the piece(s) or according to agreement
- Do not rush me.
- I'll do the order with my own drawing style
- Prices could changes according to several conditions.

:damphyr: I DO:
:bulletgreen: Fanart / OC / Kemonomimi
:bulletgreen: Anime style : with cell shaded and soft cell shaded style coloring
:bulletgreen: Fine with gore, mecha, detail, action, fur, animals, a group of character :la:

:damphyr: I WON'T DO :
:bulletblack: Deadline
:bulletblack: Pixel Art, Realis style / Other people style
:bulletblack: R-18 / Hentai / Ecchi, Yuri / Yaoi (BL)

!!! NOTE !!!
- I have the rights to publish the final work(s) in my gallery/social media (Low res and watermarked). For certain 'small secret project' commission like cover album, cover song, MV, gift art, etc, I will keep it silent until the client released the project, I will publish it after you.
- I have the rights to declining if I think the character you request doesn't suited with my capability. I suggest you find another artist with bigger range (?) since I'm only doing anime/manga style.
- If you asked me for "private" personal commission, please tell me and I will tell you different price range. There's a fee charge because the less my work I can put it in my gallery.
- I will prioritizing company/commercial work over personal commission. Personal commission will be do according waiting list and the clients readiness to pay. 
- I'm not doing refund after the sketch payment.
- I only will continuing the progress if I didn't received at least half of the fee. You won't get the HD files if you din't full the rest (FULL PAYMENT).
- By commissioning me, you agree with my terms.
:iconsparklesplz:HOW TO ORDER:iconsparklesplz:

  · Commission type :
· Total Character(s) :
  · Your OC(s) reference(s) :
  · Background : (transparent/simple/scenery/explain)
  · EXTRA/ADDITIONAL NOTES :: (expression, theme, pose, extra objects, details.)
  · Your paypal e-mail : (only if you choose payment through paypal)

( $1 USD =  Rp14.000)
:note: Please note me for commercial rate

NOTES!! :: I'm sure you will found my other work on my gallery that have specification and highly detail than my commission sample above. If you interisting with my style on some work of course you can, but it will cost much higher than my commission standard sample above. 
Then, send me a notes and describe what you want =D

:iconsakon04: THANK YOU!

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