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the MARGATROID : Alice_Touhou_Project



SAI also it was fun .. hha but still I can let go ga photoshop for some parts, especially to make the basic lineart ƪ (˘ ⌣ ˘) ʃ

I cleaned up some minor things while staying at home with the Dewi and Destiyara <(▽ <) thank you for the day friend! hhe2 ..

I'm trying, (not the style anyway) yah .. range of color mixing so .. originally wanted pastel colors, it's just out of habit may be so dark .. Well, at least I suppose not too bad results

oh yes, I was inspired to draw Alice from Touhou because the picture on this one > [link]
D*FUQ.. I paint in accordance instincts .. even this time I did not follow the example of a reasonable coloring, especially dolls that cuddle Alice .. damn, .. just do not feel strange why the color like that. enjoy it!

take comments and criticism, awaited with pleasure ~: D
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Alice Margatroid: No, no "The Margratoid". Just Alice Margratroid, or Alice. My name is Alice, and the One True Alice is my idol, but I'm not one of the Core Alices.