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Rakyat Maple of Eden : Festival Lampion



what amazing, I can finished this, I proud to my self!! hahaha XD //slap

well, I’m just doing my habit to save any progress in making the picture and I am so grateful to do it in THIS very complex picture, I spent almost three weeks to settle in between doing assignments and collage schedule. There are some progress that I saved, go to my tumblr (link below).

and yeah.. the color is so simple hhuhuhu don't have time to give more detail > I wanna move on to other art and gonna improve my cell shade style.. (I just found one that I like and wanna try it)


    awalnya mau di pasin pas Ringo ultah (15 Sept) kemaren > makanya taroh tengah, sekalian hari pertama submit event festival lampion tapi waktu berkata lain akhirnya baru bisa diberesin malem ini (ngedit BG doang padahal //plak).. dan sebelum mata saya yang tinggal 5 watt ini padam brb ngetik deh :p
    yup, sebenernya kemaren pas buka request emang buat 12 orang.. tapi entaaaah kenapaaaa jadiiiiiii banyaaakkkk bangeeeet iniiiii menuh-menuhin harddisk saya, TANGGUNG JAWAB WOOOIII //kenabatu
    karena udah stress sekalian asal comot chara orang buat di culik buat menuh2in gambar maka beruntunglah kalian yang ikut jebe2 //emangapaan, gomen kalo ada yang punya relasi tapi ga masuk >/////<

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    pesan terakhir, "....terima aja kalo anaknya jadi bantet." - Sakon. //dikejarsatukampung


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oh my gosh, how did you do this?! i mean, there's like 50 people in this and not one of them look out of place or different! each one of the characters is amazingly unique but similar in the same way! the coloring is so in depth that it blows my mind! the shading, to be done on the computer, is it amazing! did you use SAI to do it? i really love this picture, but I'll be honest and say i have no clue how you did this and made it look so darn amazing!!! i wish you could teach me, because i simply can't draw on the computer!!! your awesome!!