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COLLAB WITH AMAZING ARTIST :iconedelyn2074: ..... :iconthegloryofplz::iconthegloryofplz::iconthegloryofplz:
He is the one who make the amazing background here, not ME!!

the perspective is really great,, it's really chalenge me to draw a group of character and follow it :)
I really enjoying drew it since the first sketch, then coloring and added the effect etc.. well, I know from the start it is crowed but its look more chaooos now,, wwww the background are covered by the character.. sorry Kokoooo XD XD //andIstildoithaha //ditabok

Tools : PhotoshopCS4 + Tablet (Bamboo Manga) | This Magic Circle Tutorial : help me a lot, thanks!! >v<
 :new: TUTORIAL : XAGIA RUMBLE [Photoshop] by Sakon04 << TUTORIAL BY ME Sky Patrol by EDELYN2074 << original background (c) EDELYN2074

I wanna draw some fighting scene since a long time >////////< :heart: well, it's kinda like 'freeze movement' hahaha XD
but I don't know who and who should I draw, so I asked some friend from NextHeaven to draw their OC //cheatinghaha
:star: Owner and OC >> from left to right >>
:iconmmrailgun: Yvetka Karlsten, anu ngapung make bola
:iconyukimakimachi: Kai, the dragon summoner
:iconjulioalqae: Sergia Boltovski, ....mechamusume (?)
:iconceilingheplz: the owner forger her name :'D
:iconvillyane: Sophia Eisenwaltz, who bought Garpu Tala (Turning Folk) 
:iconastriasimov: Remulus Brado, pink haired old man(・⊝・)
:iconmysticswordsman21: Rena, the painter girl
:iconkuroniken: Ariadne Dulavan, double axe girl
:iconsakon04: Xion Reimmled, My OC with purple magic circle :heart: //whocares
:iconsonnyaws: Lynn Alexia, loliiii~~~ XD
Comments and Critiques always welcome~ :la:</b></b>

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this is beautiful! its! the picture is beautiful on its own, but the coloring makes it even better. all of your pictures are colored so well, i don't know how you do it! i just love how you did the perspective of the characters, too. are they all OCs? another thing~ the magic circle is beautiful and it looks 3D with the way you color. you also added dimension by blurring the debris flying in the front. you were right about the battle scene though. you did a really good job on it. you should do more like it. its just so creative and unique, its amazing. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="387" title=";) (Wink)"/>