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This is a list of items that I would like, at some point, to own.  If you have any of these items and would like to negotiate a sale price or art trade, please feel free to let me know.  :D  * items are high priority

I also work for Sailormoon merchandise.  See my :iconsarahforde: Commission Journal for details.

Vintage Toys

Stars Music Box (in good condition, box optional)
Original Japanese Moon Stick in box
Bandai Time Space Key Set
Pink Starry Sky Orgel in box
Garnet Orb Talisman in package
Space Sword Talisman in package
Aqua Mirror Talisman in package
1994 Pegasus Messenger Orb

Replacement Toys
Pluto Henshin Lip Rod with box (or just a box) - to replace a loose version
Japanese Luna P-Ball (or just a box) - to replace a loose version
Japanese Starry Sky Orgel (Star Locket) (in box) - to replace HK version
Japanese Cosmic Heart Compact (with box) - to replace HK version
Japanese Cosmetic Kit (with gold locket, in box) - to replace European version
Japanese Luna Pen (in box) - to replace European version

Small Soldier
Soldier IV
Saraba Sailor Moon


Babydoll Super Sailor Moon
SMS Sailor Team Dolls (Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Chibimoon)
SMS Excellent Team Dolls (full clear fronts) (Jupiter)
SMS Wedding Moon
SuperS Sailor Team Dolls (Mars*)
SuperS Star Power Talking Dolls (Jupiter*)
SuperS Crystal Power Talking Dolls (Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury)
SuperS Henshin Chibimoon
Pink Box Sailor Team Usagi Line

Excellent Petit Pluto
Super S Twinkle Pegasus

Sailor Moon Lip Pouch Collection: Hensou Pen
Sailor Moon Crystal Star Mascot
Sailor Moon Ribbon Henshin Mascot
Sailor Moon R BSM-18 (with arm up)…
SMS Wedding Set (BSM-36 SMS Wedding Car, BSM-37 SMS Wedding Frame (pink), BSM-38 SMS Wedding Frame (blue))
Christmas SMS Set (BSM-39 SMS Christmas Usagi, BSM-40 SMS Christmas Ami, BSM-42 SMS Christmas Makoto)
Pillow Set (BSM-44 Usa & Mamoru, BSM-45 Ami, BSM-46 Rei, BSM-47 Makoto, BSM-48 Minako)
SuperS posed (Tuxy* BSM-98, Pegasus* BSM-99)……
SuperS Pajama Set (all but Twinkle Bell, Diana and Super Moon)
Sailor Moon World Beanie Plush Collection (all)

TBD - need to recheck 
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Sakky I have 9 of the Film cards you need give me address in a PM and I will just send them to you. for FREE. they are mint in sleeves.

American release Film Cards - 
2, 4, 11, 13, 18, 20, 24, 30, 32, 41, 42
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I have a whole unopened box of the prismatic trading cards from dart (as well as some other things I'm parting with). Would you be interested in that? Thanks!
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
If they are really cheap, I can use the cards as giveaways at cons.  Would love to hear what else you have, too :D
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Hi. I don't think I have anything on your wishlist, but I was wondering if I had anything for sale that you might be interested in:…

Let me know. Thanks!
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
Hi! I might be interested in the bow set. It's not a WL item but I don't have it, either. What's the asking price? :D
BD-SandM's avatar
I was hoping for around $100. =)
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
Hmm okay! I will think about it :3 Not looking to make that big a purchase on non-WL things right now but I might consider it later on! I will post a link to your sales form my twitter!
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I have an original japanese Sailor Moon pencil case, would you be interested in it? If you're going to be at Anime Boston, I could bring it to you!
lilnaruto's avatar
Okay! I'll be sure to bring it and find you in artist alley!!!
lilnaruto's avatar
I can't wait!! It's just sitting in my room and it would make me happy for a person who's really going to appreciate it to have it!!
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
lilnaruto's avatar
I visited you last year at artists alley, but you probably don't remember me! (I was dressed as Sailor moon like on my deviantart page with a sailor Mars and Jupiter) I'll be her again when I drop it off!! hehe
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
Did I give you a card?! :D

Sometimes I wish people walked around conventions with their deviantART avatars on their heads.
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They have the PVC moon keychain at HotTopic it comes with a lanyard
Tux-boi's avatar
I want them all too!!
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Found a cosmic heart compact; the seller says she *might* have the box, but it's going for a good price (right now), thought you might want to check it out: [link]
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
Ah thanks but it looks like that's the Chinese one, too. I'm looking for the Japanese one now :3
bloodrose83's avatar
I don't know the differences, unfortunately, I'm sorry. ^^;
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