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I have four auctions up on eBay right now but I will still sell privately, until they get bids. Please contact me via email or on twitter if you are interested (I might not see replies here in a timely fashion)

Bandai Japan 1994 Sailor Pluto Lip Rod

Irwin Adventure Dolls Princess Serenity, Black Lady, Chibimoon 12" and 6"

Irwin Deluxe Adventure Dolls Sailor Saturn and Super Sailor Moon in yellow boxes

Irwin Adventure Dolls Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto 12" and 6"

Thanks and please help spread the word! I am moving in Jan so I will have a few more sales coming. :heart: 
I check in here once in a while, but I haven't had much Sailor Moon toy time since having a kid and being an artist full time. Busy busy! I do want to do an updated video tour and photos before the end of the year so I will post here when I do that. Sorry I don't update much anymore. ;( I miss Sailor Moon toy fun time!

You can follow my art on SarahsPlushNStuff. :heart: Happy collecting!

I have actually still be collecting things, I just haven't updated this gallery in forever. ; ~ ; So it's really out of date.  I don't even know how many things I've purchased since I last updated the gallery here. Waaaa...

At least the most recent photo of the entire collection is pretty updated. I'm working on my spreadsheet so I can have a better list of everything I have, but it's slow going.  I should try to finish that before March.  I will also do a new collection tour video soon.

A few collectors I know have switched to Facebook for collection documentation. I kind of think that might be a good idea, maybe make a page or something that people can like? FB is a little more suitable for this kind of thing anyway. I'd probably leave this DA gallery static and here for info purposes, but start fresh on FB with new photos and everything.

Man, it would take forever. xD

The new anime is supposed to be out in July. I really hope they don't move it again. :D
You can message me here if there's something in which you are interested. :)  Prices are listed in the comments. <- embedding the player isn't working, sorry  xD