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Sailor Moon Collection DX

None of the items in this gallery are for sale at this time. Please visit my journal for more information on this account.

Item: Sailor Moon Collection DX
Produced By: Bandai, 1999
Origin: Made in China
Purchase Price: $70
Purchased From: Personal sale
Size: 11.5" (?)

These are beyond beautiful. I just sit and stare at them and look at all the little details. Moon has a little Eternal Tier too. They are SO pretty. *_* Now I have to try to find the Mini DX 1 set :paranoid:
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MoonlightUi's avatar
I did not know there was dolls from Sera Myu! They are so beautiful! :heart:
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
MoonlightUi's avatar
I can not stop looking at them!
Shuncito's avatar
I love Sera Myu Outfit *-* and of course I love this dolls! :)
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
Yeah I'm so glad they made these dolls!
Ochiba's avatar
You got this for a EXCELLENT price! homg! jealous <3 A online friend of mine just paid over $500 for this set!!! ;__;
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
Yeah I've heard they can sell for a lot! I wonder what I can sell my separate Moon for... I'm in a bit of a tight situation right now hehe ^^
uchihachan5's avatar
kyah so cute i've only seen the DX2 set and you got it at a good price too o.o
wackaflocka's avatar
Very pretty.Is this from sera myu?
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
Yes, it's based on the Myu :D
KoudelkaW's avatar
Oh boy, those are beautiful :XD:
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
Aren't they? I'm in love. I think I'm going to rearrange my shelves so I can give them more of a spot light :3
KoudelkaW's avatar
Hoshisama's avatar
Those dolls are so pretty!
LadyUsagi's avatar
wowow.. they actually look nice!
lilly-peacecraft's avatar
oo my now I'm jealous! I've been looking for this set as well! That is an awesome piece for the set. If you happen to find another Mini DX2 and Mini DX1 let me know.

SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
hehe sure! I still don't have the mini DX1
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