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To celebrate Sailor Moon Month! THE RETURN OF THE MANGA IN 8 DAYS!!


I just now realized I am missing the 10th Anniversary plushies, d'oh! :XD:
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Cute picture of you and your plushies
titanshifter1's avatar
Awesome plushies ^ ^
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
I should do another one of these sometime! :D
titanshifter1's avatar
I will take a picture of all my plushies soon.
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
I need to do an updated one haha :D
Lavellan's avatar
Oh my god! There is so many! They're so cute! :squee: 
I don't have very many plushies (okay, I have like, one right now and she is a plush backpack doll XD), but I've been planning on getting some more <3 I'm so jealous of your Irwin plushies! The Banpresto ones are really cute, but I really like the eyes on the Irwin ones.

But still, talk about a practical ball-pit with Sailor Moon plushies! High-five! 
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
They are so cute!! I should do a new one of this sometime since there are more now! xD 
Queen-iee-oh's avatar
This is so beatuiful~ I am in awe Oh my god - OMG Oh my god - OMG Oh my god - OMG 
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
^___^ I need to take a new one of these sometime!!
Creepto's avatar
oh meh gosh ;A;
satans-stunt-double's avatar
Woah! That's a lot of plushies!!! :)
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
It is! There's more now xD
satans-stunt-double's avatar
YAY! Can you post piccies? I'll bet your fav Star Trek was the "Tribbles" episode?!? :)
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
haha I do like that episode :'D

Hoping to do an updated pic sometime with all the ones I have now :3
satans-stunt-double's avatar
YAY!!! Where on earth do you keep them all? Are they all just lying around? :)
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
They are set up in bookcases in my office :D
satans-stunt-double's avatar
Awesome!! I used to have a couple, no wait... 3 stuffed bigger plushies, My kiddies, cute wabbits I/we (my fiancee's and a particular gf.) "had" in lieu of human babies- was quite wonderful, we actually took it to far and seriously... sorta... They left me and took my "babies" with them... sniffles... LOL
PurpleLegolas's avatar
haha!!!!! you love sailor moon dont you? lol, your like one their biggest fans i 'spose then? haha, i luv sailor moon too but not that much! keep up the great collecting!!!!
SakkysSailormoonToys's avatar
Thank you! There's all kinds of fans and all kinds of ways to show you are a fan, having things doesn't make you any more or less a fan :heart:  Sailor Moon is awesome! ^_____^
PurpleLegolas's avatar
yeeeeaaaah! have you seen sailor moon crystal yet?
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