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BSSM TokyoPop English Manga



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Item: BSSM TokyoPop English Manga
Licensed By: Mixx Entertainment
Produced By: TOKYOPOP Manga, June 1998 - Sept 2001
Origin: Printed in Canada
Purchase Price: Retail US$9.99
Purchased From: Either Hot Topic or Barns & Noble
Size: 11x16cm (~4.5x6.5in)

Some of these books are in better condition than others and I might look to replace the tattered ones at some point. As much as some fans complain about MIXX, I really love these comics, even with their mistakes. I would've posted this sooner, but books 1-6 have been on loan and I didn't want to post an incomplete collection. :heart:
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My sister used to have some of those manga back in the '90s and early 2000s but I'm wondering whether or not if she still has them.

Yes, there have been many people complaining about the pages falling out, even when they bought them brand new off the shelves back in the time of their releases. However, it's a good thing the newer ones by KC USA that remain true to the Japanese versions (plus the first time Codename wa Sailor V in English) are 99.99% unlikely to have the pages fall out, UNLESS some idiot damages the books on purpose.