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In the name of the Moon!

Gunna start trying to be a little more active here on this account. Lately I've been more focused on various social media sites but eh - I really miss DeviantArt. I know it's not the same as it used to be, but it's still a really lovely place to host my artwork. It's absolutely perfect for what I do as @Adorkastock so I'd like to get back to sharing my art more often here, too. 🥰✨ Some stuff currently going on:

Guardian Planet Crystal Pin Set on BackerKit

The pins I made with AmunetGFX are now in a pre-order shop that will be open until we finish our BackerKit project surveys. This means you can preorder any of the pins from the project and they will ship after backer rewards are filled. I'm working on a TON of new hair bows for a December event in AdorkaBows Select Bow-Peeks on Facebook. That group has been the home for my bow sales for about 2 years. I am hopeful that community will be able to continue to support me but I may need to shift gears if FB keeps making it so hard for artists to reach people on their platform.

I've started working on some super cute Genshin Impact hair bows which you can peep on my Instagram account. 👀✨

So yeah I guess just expect a little more activity from me here soon? Good ol' DA. Always still here for me. 🥺♥

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Hey all! I'm making some CUTE bow enamel pins inspired by Sailor Moon! I'm running a Kickstarter that launches March 20th and you can follow the page RIGHT NOW! <- click there and hit the button that says "Notify me on launch!"

Following the campaign pre-launch is incredibly helpful for my day 1 rally and with project discovery! Even if you can't pledge during the campaign, your pre-launch notification sign up helps a lot! ♥ And of course, if you CAN pledge, please do so on March 20th! That first day is the MOST important! Thanks so much for your help!

cover Startdate
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Hey all! I made a public post on my personal Facebook page outlining why I'm leaving 'Sakky' behind in 2018 for my professional art stuff. I will be using my own name, Sarah, for all my art and things going forward. :) 

Meanwhile, I have some drawing commission availability in just these next few weeks before con prep starts, so please let me know ASAP if you'd like to book something!


Bullet; Blue Full body - $60 (additional characters $25 ea) 
Bullet; Blue 3/4 body - $40 (additional characters $15 ea)
Bullet; Blue Chibi - $25 (additional characters $10 ea, includes mat and back board)
Bullet; Blue "Sailor Legs" - $25 (includes 2 characters from the waist down)
(fan senshi and any other characters are okay for legs commissions, too!)

Bullet; Black Inked lineart, 3/4 body - $25 (additional characters $10 ea)

Prices do not include shipping but most are $3-6US and $4-15 for international. If you give me your mailing address I can calculate the shipping for you. 

I can invoice you with Square Payments (pay with any major credit or debit card) or with PayPal. 

Thanks so much, and happy new year! :blowkiss: 

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My Magical Girl Coloring Book project on Kickstarter is over 200% funded! We're working towards unlocking the third stretch goal which will add five Guest Artist pages.

All five Guest Artists have been announced!

They include: Juri H. Chinchilla Runesael KoriMichele Gilles Bone & Drachea Rannak!

Please consider supporting the project! Even a few dollars helps us towards our goals. If you aren't interested, please pass this on to someone who loves coloring and magical girls! :heart:
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