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Lady Changeling
    The scent of vanilla-infused wax hung faint in the air, even though the candles weren’t lit and hadn’t been all day. Spent matches lay cold in the dusty fireplace, splintered and damp. Lady Changeling opened an eye halfway, watched the shadow of the window grill fade across the carpet with the setting sun and muttered aloud:
    “I do wish you’d draw the curtains.” Her voice was cold and stiff, crackling from age and disuse as the breath dragged itself across her throat with a sound like splintering steel.
    “But the sunset is beautiful. It’d do you good to come and watch it,” replied the only person who had willingly visited this dilapidated house in three and a half years. They sat in the armchair by the open window, silhouetted by the glow of the evening sky. A breeze carried the sweet perfume of the blossom orchards up from the valley below. It was a sharp and unpleasan
:iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 1 0
One Small Favour by Sakkeru One Small Favour :iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 2 0 Watercolours! by Sakkeru Watercolours! :iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 2 4 Loki's Get [comm] by Sakkeru Loki's Get [comm] :iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 3 5 S.H. Concept test 01 by Sakkeru S.H. Concept test 01 :iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 0 0 S.H. Concept test 02 by Sakkeru S.H. Concept test 02 :iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 0 0 take care, he said [Castlevania] by Sakkeru take care, he said [Castlevania] :iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 15 5
To Anger
You arrive uninvited once again
to ruin my day. Like a volume knob
Wired into my brain and turned up to ten
In my chest a dark fury starts to throb
My heart full of joy not one hour ago
Is drowning in a pit of boiling tar
That seeps through my blood and begins to glow
Red turning white, blinding sight, like a star
Of pure malice. It’s hard enough to bear
When the world grates on my ears like pumice
But this simmering wrath cannot compare
To the anger reserved for people who hiss
“What’s wrong with you? Calm down. It’s just a joke!”
Laughing, as if I’m a fire to stoke.
:iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 1 0
This Demon Dream by Sakkeru This Demon Dream :iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 10 0 Draw your friends' OCs! #1 by Sakkeru Draw your friends' OCs! #1 :iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 4 2 Saint Aschen by Sakkeru Saint Aschen :iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 1 0 EVERNIGHT 0-4 (low effort comic series) by Sakkeru EVERNIGHT 0-4 (low effort comic series) :iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 0 2 EVERNIGHT 0-0 (low effort comic series) by Sakkeru EVERNIGHT 0-0 (low effort comic series) :iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 3 4 EVERNIGHT 0-3 (low effort comic series) by Sakkeru EVERNIGHT 0-3 (low effort comic series) :iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 0 2 EVERNIGHT 0-2 (low effort comic series) by Sakkeru EVERNIGHT 0-2 (low effort comic series) :iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 1 5 EVERNIGHT 0-1 (low effort comic series) by Sakkeru EVERNIGHT 0-1 (low effort comic series) :iconsakkeru:Sakkeru 1 5


Too Orange Tuesday by SenshiStock Too Orange Tuesday :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 757 38 Curiosity by MortNevermore Curiosity :iconmortnevermore:MortNevermore 150 12
Multicultural Fairy Tales lit contest
:bulletred: CONTEST CLOSED.  CHECK OUT THE WINNERS!  Multicultural Fairy Tales: RESULTS. :bulletred:
My birthday approaches, and in order to celebrate with my DeviantArt community (that means you) I am hosting a contest (that means cool prizes) for my favorite kind of story: fairy tale retellings.  To make it a bit more challenging, a multicultural component has been added - which I hope will inspire/require you to delve into a bit of research and discover folk stories that you weren't already familiar with.  If you're up for helping put a smile on my face, read on for the details.
Write a story which combines and retells/adapts two different fairy tales or folk stories from two different cultures.
What classifies a fairy tale / folk story?
I am going with a reasonably loose definition of thi
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 51 51
Coyote and the Three Magic Hairs
In the days when monsters still roamed the land, one of the last Giants was determined to eat as many people as he could. He caught women fetching water and little children out playing. He even devoured whole bands of warriors. The Giant’s skin was so strong that no weapon could pierce it.
Fearful for the fate of his village, a great chief called the people together. “Whoever is brave enough to remove the Giant’s three hairs and destroy his Medicine will be made Chief,” he said.
Coyote was passing by, looking for something to do. He pushed through the crowd. “Hey, I love killin’ Giants,” he said. “But wait a second- did you say he keeps his Medicine in three hairs?”
“It is so,” the Chief said. “Does this make a difference?”
Coyote shrugged. “Well I mean, if you’re gonna have three whole magic hairs you might as well round it up to a nice even four,” he said.
“Are you agreeing to
:iconleonca:Leonca 12 13
For love of a human man, a weasel turned herself into a woman.
She locked away her fierceness, blunted her teeth against the edges of rocks. She shed her soft sleek fur, leaving only cold white naked skin behind. When there was nothing left of her, when she was no more than a fading memory of something that had, once, been a weasel, she went to the man she loved and begged him – as she had once before, on the day when she learned to despise herself, to rake her claws through fur and skin and let the blood shine through – to be with her, to marry her, to love her.
Now that she was a weasel no longer, the man (quite graciously, she thought) agreed.
She did not miss being a weasel, very much. The man loved her, just as he had promised. He called her his ermine, because she was beautiful (he said), and because she was pure: like snow, he said, like a funeral lily. She was not a stoat – she had never been a stoat – but all the same she was proud to be his ermine.
:icongdeyke:GDeyke 12 12
Mature content
Scared: A Guide to Writing Horror :icondoughboycafe:doughboycafe 56 42
Bitter honey by Jadekettu Bitter honey :iconjadekettu:Jadekettu 54 24 Omnomnomnom [Pose Reference for Drawing] by SenshiStock Omnomnomnom [Pose Reference for Drawing] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 635 36
Bruja 8: Overclock
Confluence Landscape Userbase was designed as a scalable, commercial version of the combat network Nuri used in CorpSec. Except anyone could get in with a connection and a subscription fee. That meant it was bloated, laggy and full of assholes. It also meant you couldn’t live without it. Just like meatspace.
The first commercial version went hot thirty years ago. Twenty years ago, the old internet was history. Nuri had never typed anything into a search engine in her life. Instead, she sent routines. Search apps, hunters, do-things, fetch-this, buy-that, all from the data curtain constantly in her visual field. Most people had one, their eyes glazing and refocusing on what floated in front of them, only in their mind’s eye. Nuri’s curtain carried about a hundred times more content than a regular person’s. A thousand times when she went tactical.
It was a simple surgery, pinprick injection behind one ear, another at the base of the neck. People did it at the mall
:iconmemnalar:Memnalar 13 22
Bee Leaf by DallyDaydream Bee Leaf :icondallydaydream:DallyDaydream 4 0 Watchmaker studio by Kibbitzer Watchmaker studio :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 1,093 22 From 2003 to 2018 by Berende From 2003 to 2018 :iconberende:Berende 14 16 Blood of My Blood by AbigailLarson Blood of My Blood :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 1,808 31 Spells of Shadow by AbigailLarson Spells of Shadow :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 1,379 15 A Dreadful Task by AbigailLarson A Dreadful Task :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 1,212 19



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