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Hi everyone ^w^ I'm a self taught digital artist. I live in Romania,I'm an optimistic person >w< Radioamateur(Ham Radio) in training and first responder(First aid volunteer)

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•I like Darui because he have a bit of my real personality,I mean lazy way of speaking but not so lazy at all. Also i may be a bit shy around new people,but once I get to know people better they will see how funny and what type of person I am.
More about my work space:
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• Maya Autodesk learner

>> Please don't come to my page and make a ship war. I'm sure we can discuss that peacefully. We are free to ship our Ocs with whoever we want <<

Language levels:
Romanian language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy French language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy American English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

Also don't be shy or afraid to talk with me ^^ I don't bite :P

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~Fav Anime(s): Naruto,Sword art Online,Attack on Titan,Tokyo Ghoul,Fairy Tail
~Fav Movie(s): Tomb Raider,Star Wars

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I'm still here and I decided to make more time for myself to draw and stay on DeviantArt at least 4h per day and answer your PMs or see my notifications

My to do list will be to make the sketch for a full body commission(and commissions in general) for @/badbloodpredator (avoiding spam mentions)
And I have to re-make the commission prices
Uchiha Saki settei

Look at the ending of this description to find out what I added/modified recently

I Just tried.It's the first time when I do a settei


Name: Saki Uchiha
Also Known As:  The Silent Wolf
Age: 22 (Shippuden;Became an ANBU at the age  of 14)
Birthday: 8 August
Species: Human 
Blood Type: AB 
Astrological Sign: Leo
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Past/Bio: (W.I.P) Before the Uchiha massacre her mother had a feeling that something bad could happen and she hided with Saki into a house tunnel that her family built to escape in chase that bad things happen,her mother Urako Inuzuka transformed her two ninkens into Saki and her,as for Kazu Uchiha,he was concerned about his wife and child's safety and he stood with Urako's ninkens until the tragedy happened and Urako sacrificed her ninkens for the sake of her and her child.

About Him/Her

Personality: Optimist,Hot-headed(sometimes)
Occupation: Anbu 
- Finishing a mission
- Her friends 
- Training
- Playing Shogi 
- Losing a comrade
- Spiders
- Sweets
Hobbies: Reading, Walking, Training
Fears: Losing someone precious to her
Strength: Strategical thinking,close combat 
Weakness: Wind style(for the lightning style ninjutsu) and Earth style(for the water style ninjutsu)

Clan Info

Clan Name: Uchiha 
Symbol: The Uchiha symbol is actually a fan
History: The Uchiha are descendants of Indra Ōtsutsuki, the elder son of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki. Through Indra, the Uchiha inherited Hagoromo's "eyes", granting them powerful spiritual energy and chakra. As part of the so-called "Curse of Hatred" first displayed by Indra, Uchiha are subject to powerful emotions: these emotions typically start as love for a friend or family member that then become overpowering hatred when the object of their love is lost. This loss, whether actually experienced or merely threatened, awakens an Uchiha's Sharingan. It is due to the Sharingan that the Uchiha have received much of their fame and notoriety.


The Uchiha have been fighting the Senju clan for centuries, a rivalry that traces back to the days of Indra and his younger brother, Asura. When the Sage of Six Paths was dying, he selected Asura as his successor, believing Asura's desire for peace through love was better than Indra's peace through power. Indra, driven by his Curse of Hatred, fought Asura to claim what he believed was his birthright. The Uchiha and Senju, descendants of Indra and Asura respectively, continued their battle through the centuries, though none still remembered this reason for their conflict.
By the time of the Warring States Period, the Uchiha and Senju had emerged as the strongest shinobi clans in the world. When one of the fledgling countries of the era would hire the Uchiha to fight in their wars, the opposing side would hire the Senju. The constant warfare between their clans only fueled their hatred, with all Uchiha owing the death of a loved one to an Senju and vice versa. But centuries of conflict began to wear on members of the clans; Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju met as children and became friends, bonding over their disapproval of the combat and death that they and their younger brothers were constantly subjected to and dreaming of a time when children wouldn't need to fight. Unable to do anything about the world at their age, Madara turned away from their dreams.


Madara and Hashirama continued to face each other in battle over the coming years. Driven by his desire to defeat Hashirama and through competition with his younger brother, Izuna, Madara became the first Uchiha to awaken his Mangekyō Sharingan. With its increased power he took control of the Uchiha. Hashirama, by then leader of the Senju, tried to use their positions to broker peace between them and finally achieve their childhood dreams. Despite growing interest in peace amongst the Uchiha, Madara was unwilling to agree to peace after Izuna was killed by Hashirama's brother, Tobirama. Using Izuna's eyes to acquire "eternal" Mangekyō, Madara challenged the Senju for supremacy one final time. He was defeated, but even then refused Hashirama's offer of peace, insisting that Hashirama kill himself first. When Hashirama agreed to these terms, Madara was moved to accept, withdrawing his request for Hashirama's death. 
Clan History informations ©… 

Specialty: Shurikenjutsu
Jutsus/Techniques: Fire Style Jutsu
Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan 
Status: Alive(Nearly-Extinct)

Clan Appearance

Skin Tone: Pale 
Markings: Tomoe (Sharingan)
Hair Colors: Black 
Eye Colors: Black, Grey


Height: 1.70 cm
Cup Size: B
Skin Tone: Pale 
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Description:
Color: Dark-Red
Highlights: None
Length: Short
Style: Spicy 
Worn: Normal
Scars: None
Piercings: None
Tattoos: Anbu Black Ops tattoo on her right shoulder
Facial Features: None
Scent: Nope
Other: Have a better sense of smell than humans


Father: Kazu Uchiha 
Mother: Urako Inuzuka 
Siblings: None 
Relatives: Tsume Inuzuka;Itachi Uchiha(Cousin);Fugaku Uchiha(Uncle);Mikoto Uchiha(Aunt) 
Best Friends: Nioko Kazame,Kara Hyuga and Tenten (Training partners since the academy)
Friends: Sai,Shikamaru,Kiba
Love Interest: Darui 
Senseis: Isei Kurogane
Students: No one
Rivals: Rock Lee (Friendly rivalry,he always like to test her strength)
Enemies: Akatsuki, Rogue Ninjas
Pets: Daikimaru

Ninja Information

Village: Konohagakure (Village Hidden In The Leaves)
Academy Graduation Age: 10
Chūnin Promotion Age: 12
Status: Alive
Rank: Anbu 
Exams Taken: 5
Missions Experienced: 
S: 26
A: 175
B: 80
C: 100
D: 67
Chakra Type: Lightning, Fire and Water
Ninjutsu Range: Mid,Long 
Defensive or Offensive: Both
Weapons: Sword
Weapon Appearance: is a long bladed weapon used for combat
Special Abilities: Can conduct electrical charges

Kekkei Genkai:  
Name: Sharingan
Offensive/Defensive/Both: Both
How Do They Activate It:  When a user of this Kekkei Genkai experiences a powerful emotional condition regarding a precious person to them
How Is It Used: It is used to put the enemy in genjutsu and to anticpate the enemy movements    
Abilities: Eye of Insight, Eye of Hypnotism
Appearance: Mirror Wheel Eye
Animal Summoning: 
Animal: Dargon 
Appearance: Black skinned dragon with long horns
Abilities: can combine his jutsu with Saki’s 
Personality: Arrogant, Loyal to his summoner  



List of Saki's jutsu
Some more to be added


1-5: Horrible
6-8: Below Average
9-10: Average
11-13: Above Average
14-16: Talented
17-18: Gifted [This is Sannin level]

Strength in Jutsu

Ninjutsu [ninja techniques]: 12
Genjutsu [illusion techniques]: 16
Taijutsu [martial arts techniques]: 11
Kekkei Genkai [bloodline traits]: 14
Doujutsu [eye techniques]: 15
Kinjutsu [forbidden techniques]: 6
Fuuinjutsu [sealing techniques]: 3

Strength in Missions

Intelligence [Shikamaru is a 18]: 16
Wisdom [It comes with age;Jiraiya would be at least 17]: 9
Strength [Measure of your body's muscles;Kisame would be 17-18]: 11
Agility [How well you can move, dodge, etc.]: 9
Dexterity [How well you can aim/form seals]: 10
Stamina [Chakra amount;Kisame is a 18]: 11
Constitution [How well you can take a hit;Would you be a 1 hit K.O?]: 14
Charisma [How social you are;Naruto is a 18]: 4
Comeliness [Your attractiveness, it has to fit with your looks above]: 7
Chakra Control [Important for medical ninja; Tsunade is a 18]: 11
Cooperation [How well you work with other people/comrades]: 13

Extra Information

Before any battle(hand to hand/swords combat): "It's about to get wild!"
To the enemies: "Watch out because the wolf has started its hunt"
Theme Song: None
Food: Ramen, Sushi
Drink: Water
Color: Yellow
Animal: Dog
Flower: Rose
Season: Spring

Edit[03.08.2018]: I changed her age to at least 20-21 in shippuden(because of the age difference between she and Darui)

Edit[07.09.2018]: I added the list of her jutsu (after a very long time ;-; )



Kazame clan (C) @/nikokazame (I'd like to avoid spamming her)
Some informations are taken from…
Saki Uchiha, Kara Hyuga, Nioko Kazame, Urako Inuzuka, Kazu Uchiha and Isei Kurogane (C) :iconsakiuchiha2052: (Me)
Naruto Oc Template (C) :iconpunkprincess9493: ; Template Link: OC Template: Naruto 
Naruto World,Tenten,Kiba,Darui (C) Masashi Kishimoto


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