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Super Mario Bros 3 Cover

The classic box art from "Super Mario Bros 3" with the modern 3D artwork from "New Super Mario Bros 2".
Super Mario Bros 3 was my all-time favorite Mario game.
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It was, and still is, my all time favourite video game. This is amazing work! 🍂🍂🍂🍂
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For years I've wanted to see a 3-D re-imagining of Super Mario Brothers 3. Open world 3-D like Super Mario 64.
tevionds's avatar
Nintendo sucks now
Blake290383's avatar
one of my favourite NES games! awesome work!
OptiMario94's avatar
Super cool and fantastico!
MrLGreenThunder97's avatar
Really amazing-a! XD
simpsonsquire's avatar
Best NES Game EVER.
mxremi's avatar
Amazing job!
PokeNerd2499's avatar
Super Mario Bros. 3 HD!
ChaudStarpower's avatar
if this is made I will buy it in a heartbeat!!! NO QUESTIONS!!!
PokeNerd2499's avatar
Yeah, same here! I :heart: Mario 3 and I would play it for hours on end if I could!
ChaudStarpower's avatar
imagine super mario all stars plus super mario world hd.
PokeNerd2499's avatar
In the style of the New Super Mario Bros. games? YES PLEASE! >U<
ChaudStarpower's avatar
or super mario 3d world :3 IMAGINE!!! Either way it would be amazing
PokeNerd2499's avatar
Well, if it would be an HD remake (with voice clips and remixed music), it would likely be in the style of the NSMB games. Well, that's how I would see it.
ChaudStarpower's avatar
I wouldn't complain XD
PinkHyrulePrincess's avatar
TheNaturistArtist's avatar
I wouldn't be surprised I'd Nintendo ended up asking to buy this image for use of a 3D Super Mario Bros 3.
the-darkness2721's avatar
why? it's there poster and there 3d model of mario.
CrnSal's avatar
This is amazing!^^
drawertolife's avatar
Super Mario Bros 3-d!!!! XD I would love that game just a 3D version of this game
ChaudStarpower's avatar
or super mario all stars HD with super mario world also in HD
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