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voice over tutorial. Fur .promo.


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I made a Fur voice over tutorial. in this voice over tutorial, I'll be talking about how to approach painting fur in a stylistic way :) this is by no means a realistic approach, but I do think this technique is fairly easy to understand  ^_^ I used the standard round brush for the tutorial.

video Tutorial pack comes with
❆video voice over tutorial 1hr 2 min
❆PS (all layers )
❆JPG steps
Available through Sign up !

Dark Mermaid by sakimichanAnatomy 101  voice over. Foreshortening .promo. by sakimichan

Mature Content

Mira X Erza .yuri tag. by sakimichan
sleeping beauty by sakimichan

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Hair voice over tutorial
please go:
used the promo code: hairy ( unlimited )

more tutorials here if you guys are interested !
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step 1) draw silhouette 
step 2) add rough shading
step 3) smooth out the shading
step 4: draw the rest of the fucking picture

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Thank you! That's really useful. Drawing hair is my weakness, cannot catch the thing about it.
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Love your work! thanks sky! ^_^
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thanks for the tutorial ◠‿◠
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So that's how you do it.
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Plz block that || guy's comment... plz, it's rude, very rude.
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You're annoying go awayBlah-blah-blah 
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Im not really into furries but you know it doesnt have to be used just for them. It could be used to draw plain animals too. Im not pickin a fight, Im just sayin. o3o
Mdrawer's avatar
This can be used not only for furries but for other animals as well and by the way, it's called anthropomorphic its when animals have human characteristics and furries are people who dress up like animals so it's not even the same thing and go away if your not going to say something polite you 5 years old oh this is for LEMONGRABJUICE, by the way, lovelydove I agree with you. Natsu and Happy (Thumbs Up) [V1] 
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The only thing I can say, as one myself is that the term 'furries'
and 'furry' is the same as calling a short postured person a midget, take this for example a fursuiter says "oh look it's a blank skinned normie" does that feel nice, no not really so I suggest not calling us furries it's kinda offensive, the right way to call us is by fursuiter or by our suit names, mine for example is Tesla, if you do not before hand know our names just politely ask "hey, what's your name again?" And they will politely reply "oh' it's (name)"

sorry if im kinda rude, I don't mean to be. Kawaii fox 
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Lol, thank you. I always try to make a point when it comes to idiotic things like this. I mean, if you dont like it, why even bother looking at it?
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if u love KFC, check out my arts guys!
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it really helping me to improve.thanks!
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Now this, I wanna learn
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Make a moth person! Moths are fluffy and cute!
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