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spare some change M'am?

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Hey Guys, Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New years !

I was planning to finish this off in December but Stuff came up >.< I wanted to paint something sad, yet happy at the same time.

I often see homeless folks on my way to work, and it pains to see them some times, especially when it’s so cold out.  Sometimes I would give them my lunch because I don’t have change and it’s better knowing they will not be hungry for a while. Sometimes I see homeless folks with their pets too >.< I paint this because I’d like to think that the homeless can be just as happy as the people who has a home, or at least for some ;w; Lets not forget them during the hard times…

-used: Photoshop CS 6

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00commHobbyist General Artist
I wish you would do some more of these. I understand your pinup stuff is where you cash flow comes from but I miss stuff like this from you.
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GothicDomHobbyist Writer
Excellent artwork. well done.
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super cute,i am taking all  home now >3
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XynKeStudent Digital Artist
amazing how a painting makes gives so much emotions heck id adopt these 3 
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aww I love the little dragon
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osacoraStudent Digital Artist
This reminds me of a time my mother took a homeless couple in. It was kind of scary especially when the couple fought, but in the end, they were able to get jobs and move out.
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Lintenz Digital Artist
TT_TT the feelss
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The collar around her neck just makes this more emotinal and sad but in the end you've created a master piece
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This is very emotional and powerful. A true masterpiece!
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QueenSophiaChanHobbyist General Artist
There is so much emotion in this painting. Your colors are stunning and your expressions are compelling and attractive. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. And you did make it sad and happy at the same time. This painting is beautiful. 
BLACKWAVVEHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god I'd give them legit everything I have.
Nothing is more rewarding than kindness from one soul to another even just in the witnessing...! beautiful art beautiful soul you bring a tear o joy to my eye...!
Had no idea it was your's just attracted on the art alone! not out of name or habit just your truly great art deep heart felt thanks just ready other comments of over time you just give & enrich our lives in doing so... What more can i say..
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Can you try Game Of Thrones Charatcers in anime form? I saw the grey dress picture and the spikes reminded me of the throne in king's landing. i'd like to see how you'd draw the characters ^-^
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RainbowPonyFairyHobbyist General Artist
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This is a great piece of art. On the one hand it's beautifully done, including amazing characters, on the other hand though the situation these three characters find themselves in is just sad.

Here in Germany though there are often "begging gangs" on the streets - many of the beggers only want to take money, but not food or the likes. This pains me, because people, who have - for whatever reason - lost everything, would take any kind of help, wouldn't they? I know I would.

Another thought that comes to my mind: I find it amusing how people consider themselves so advanced, yet they allow others to be homeless and basically force them into situations like this. Honestly: how advanced are we if we allow others to suffer this much?

It really is a bitter-sweet composition. Great work. I really wish mankind wasn't so forced into the capitalistic system as much as they are, though I do not know of any other working system, which would be better. I like how this masterpiece forces the viewer to think, yet at the same time presents him/her with lines and shapes, that would require tremendous knowledge and practice to be drawn the way they are. I have seen a lot of artwork in the past decades - along with artwork from Picasso and many other famous artists. It's just that I prefer to see images that require a master to be drawn AND images, which carry a subtle, but inignorable messages - such as this one! Thank you!
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Sooooo pretty! I just love it.
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Tena360Student Artist
There is a sign with some symbols on it. Does it mean anything?
DunkleMaterie's avatar
Probably " We take Money and Food! : ) "
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Tena360Student Artist
13 (Supposed to be a thumbs up) 👍
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OogaGirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Misty-DoodleHobbyist Digital Artist

ILL LET U LIVE WITH ME INSTEAD!!! temmie loves it Inside TV - Chat icon 
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