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roleplay affair. p1


Doing another short comic project :3 I put together a little short story with Hinata and Naruto doing a little role play to spicy up their marriage :3 to be continued in page two !
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Hair voice over tutorial
please go:
used the promo code: hairy ( unlimited )

more tutorials here if you guys are interested !
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How sexy and cool Hinata uwu

vanBlood's avatar

Are there more pages made, or is it just this one, for now?

Julian-2003's avatar

Hinata's outfit reminds me of Tifa from Final Fantasy

kaze26's avatar

Gorgeously sexy and hypnotically, alluringly bouncy

cute ass

Pr0teusUnbound's avatar

the only downside of this is that Boruto is going to be conceived.

Hasthur's avatar
Badlet's avatar

Naruto is like oh shit ahha

clayuzumaki's avatar

Very lovely! Have you ever thought about doing something with her sister Hanabi (Boruto version) or something with them together?

Arch-Bishop13's avatar

you forgot the whisker marks

AshTheDreamer's avatar

Is this the night Boruto was made before she cut her hair? Hue hue hue

leocat777's avatar

hot dang...I want whole story now

demoncreater2002's avatar

not gunna lie, this is kinda cute.

lookatsomething's avatar

Like Hinatas depiction ... but the background is irritating

Yowakage's avatar

Hina looks so beautiful

Bronydude777's avatar

god dam hes lucky

Evodolka's avatar

going off the title and the image, i can only assume the "affair" is with a shadow clone (would that still count?)

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