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This is painted over last month and this month, i was working on this on and off : ) I wanted to start incorporate a bit of background in my work again, I missed painting a full painting in a way , so it was fun working on this :) I guess what i had in my mind when I was painting this was that she lost someone she loved and she wanted a cast a spell to bring him/her back XD

painted in photoshop CS 5

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Hello! This painting was so pretty that I wanted to use it to write a story, and I did! It was the inspiration for a writing robin, wherein I started the story and a group of my friends continued it with no idea of what was going to happen next. I think it turned out pretty well, but I'd love to know what you think! You can read it here, and the archive of the other writing robins we've done is available here.
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she looks like clamp's clover character the wing part nicely done
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Very amazing and emotional!
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Look at those wwwiiiiiiiiiiinnnnngggggsssss
Waaaaaaaaaaa, they're beautiful♡
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This whole concept is beautiful. I love her outfit and the colors making it up. Good job!!!
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Her Wings remind me of the Legend of Zelda Logo. Maybe she's resurrecting Link in a new body to save Hyrule. . . Again.
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This is a very lovely piece. One thing I would suggest though is adding more blue to the background to make the dragon stand out. I didn't notice that the dragon at first, he just kind of blends into the background/mountains. 
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I love your design
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Is currently my desktop wallpaper Fluffy Squealing - Chat Emoji , I found it here:… .
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Where could I possibly have seen those wings before?
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Pretty sure that's the part of of the triforce. She looks like she was ripped straight from Zelda!
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absolutely gorgeous work :D
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I could go into how amazingly well-done this painting is, but it is your idea that captures my attention and curiosity. You drew this with the concept of her performing the titled spell to bring someone back. I've had a similar idea in mind that I have formed from listening to Switchfoot's song "Daisy". So, this piece is greatly aesthetically pleasing, and it has indirect sentimental value. Good job.
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Ohh, so amazing!
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Absolutely love, love, LOVE this! :)
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Wooow, I just say: amazing!
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ethereal this truly beautiful
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How could I miss this amazing picture? The girl is beautiful, still asleep as she is getting resurrected from the dead. The resurrection's not quite over, as the blood on her fingers imply. Her dragon is loyal by her side, probably waiting until she's ready to get up and go. The scenery is also gorgeous. All of this could be from a story! 
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She looks as if she could be in Zelda. Simply Lovable art work my friend!
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You are amazing! The anatomy is perfect~! Truly incredible. Haruhi Suzumiya Emote - Thumbs Up 
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