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red angel

quick concept sketchy thingy, well was experimenting with it XD
feel free to use it as background image : )
lol please don't

wipblog-> [link]

used: photoshop CS 4
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i saw some of your old posts or Wips, so there are small to no chance that you will do those or your skill level has out grown that stage or part of your art journey.
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I don't think she can go back to this style, unfortunate but understandable :(  She grew as an artist and along with that her art techniques changed too. Besides I think this was while she was still in school. School influences you one way and when you are out, you get to use those techniques and methods you learned and try something different with them 
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thats a shame i really really liked her stuff back then,it is nowhere as good as what she can do now but i saw some of her old works and they are very very beautiful and i would have liked her doing more or atleast finishing a few of these.
i was a fan before all the patron stuff and even back then she was a superstar already.

ofcourse her artistic skill have gone above and beyond the norm but i would like to see some old stuff.

it never hurts.Cookie Monster waves  have a lovely day
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Would you consider selling prints of this? I'm redecorating my whole place, and not only is this gorgeous but it fits the color scheme of one of the rooms perfectly.
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Looks a bit like Okami. 
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This is super pretty! So glad I stumbled across your page :D
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i love your style 
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Reminds me of Chobits.
AppleSara's avatar
Wow, her dress ! And nice work !
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I like her look. I'm not sure what you were planning for the red of her clothing, but it is definitely eye-catching, unique, and inspiring. I suppose the drawing's exposition is left to the imagination, and I enjoy how I am able to interpret what is happening in different ways.
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ive got this on a material poster it looks so awesome :happybounce:  great work Hug 
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impressive... ^^
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nice michan...
why is it easier to copycat others art rather than create it by our self?
I meant, for me, it is easier to redesign people's art/recreate.
where do u get your inspiration?
demonchick50's avatar
One reason is that you like the art and you wanna see if you can do it and/or better

Reason 2  is that some people don't believe in their selves and only copy others work  ( Not saying you just example)
Yaoifangirl1310's avatar
I know, right? It's easier for me too!
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simply amazig,
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This makes me think of the word passion. And not just because of the color red. It reminds me of my 2nd favorite love story
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Absolutely luv it!!
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This drawing is truly amazing, i love the was the red in her outfit pops out from the rest of the image or in other words it reallly stands out.
But thats just my point of view.
If you dddon't mind how would YOU describe this picture you have drawn?
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great kinda love it .
I'm envious of your talent, your really a great artist and all your art tells powerful stories.
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