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pokemon .hilda pinup.

By sakimichan
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My pinup take on Isabelle from Animal crossing <3 going for cute/sexy curvy vibe ^u^ I'm loving the game so far ! This was kinda challenging but i had fun experimenting with this piece ^_^ 

  • High res jpg steps
  • layer PSD 
  • video process

available on patreon

Sonia by sakimichan

Mature Content

Olga pinup by sakimichan
Isabelle humanoid pinup by sakimichan

Mature Content

Isabelle .nsfw tag. by sakimichan

Mature Content

Kuroinu Olga .nsfw vr tag. by sakimichan


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more tutorials here if you guys are interested !
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art goals right here. OwO

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Dude u are a god

wow amazing art works i like the way you draw them

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This is amazing! Hilda looks really hot.

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Gorgeous work here. :heart:
Hazlamglorius's avatar
Hilda looks Realistic!. Nod 
zmorphcom's avatar
Hilda will always be one the hottest player controlled female trainers.  :D
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Such a nicely colored drawing~

She Hot, but I think Rosa from Unova is still the best girl ❤ Hope one day you'll make a Rosa Pokemon Fan Art, Your style is awesome as always 💖

DeadCobra's avatar
Lovely trainer
Cloudis1105's avatar
Awesome pairing on the redheads ;-)
Wow! This is sooooo beautiful !💙 This is when I see that sort of gond draw that I want to start digital draw (even if I know that it wont be as pretty as yours😅)
Cloudis1105's avatar
Awesome work, you have got to draw Tifa from FFVII in her two outfits in your art style from the REMAKE version, the Japanese black outfit and the purple/blue dress when she is with Don Corneo. 

Would be great to see in your art style when you have some time.
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That's my girl ! XD
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Could you Drawa another my hero academia charakter, for example Miruko, Nana Shimura, Midnight or one of the class IB student

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I  think you messed up the description , but thats really good regardless 
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Good work. she looks great

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