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lonely -wolf- Samurai .Updated.T-shirt design .

By sakimichan
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Hey guys !for those who haven't looked at my journal on the matter, I decided to redesign this image to fit on tee-shirts,I submitted the design to Threadless, and with enough votes and positive feedback I can get this printed ^^ !! I would really appreciated if you guys vote for me ( you'll need an account but it's really easy to get one : ) )<33

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Something quick and rough on the side, experimenting with black and white contras in order to create a certain kind of emotion XD

wipblog-> [link]

used: photoshop CS 4
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Worlds better than my approach^^
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This one is incredible. You can really see the 'flow'. Love the smoke effect and use of color. Amazing!
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I love the melancholy in that picture. It has something dramatical, epic ans sad in that picture, what is really awesome!
As I longtime suggested before: You really should do more emotive drawings, you are too good to do just NSFW or fanart chararcters for increasing your amount of fans. Create something where you one day can look back and say: That were something I helped others with or I give a message what counts ... it is good to draw for pleasure, I also do, but with your skill you can do many more things. And I really want to see that one day!
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Love the samurai vibe X3 
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hey, where can I buy the T-shirt? it looks amazing!
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I love this ink style! Can you tell me any more about how you did it, or are there any WiP shots through Patreon or anything?
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surreal, best art ever.
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Had this one as my phone bg for awhile now.

This captures my life so vividly that it reminds me who i am constantly.
Red is amazing ^w^
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Awww! I'll be ur Samurai PRINCESS!! ~ >3
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omg this is so awesome!
when.i saw the title i had to think about the wolves of mibu for one sec
(shinsengumi) this piece looks really cool the flow, it is a bit simple but not too simple the lines are great
i just love this
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really impressive
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if you do a print of samurai x, i'll buy it and love you forever
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Is the voting over? it says on the site that "results are in"
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That's me in the near future :D (Big Grin) and if seriously nice work looks mysterious and powerful, lone wolf who is not afraid of anything... 
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Love this so much
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