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krillin and Andoid 18 on a date

By sakimichan
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one of my other favorite couple from Dragon ball z the anime XD ! Their relationship is funny and adorable !18 being the dominate one in the relationship lol. XD This piece took a long time >.< but at least I got some more practice in drawing bikinis . Also wasn't sure how to represent krillin, so i just gave him a "puppy" type of look.

❅video tutorial
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made

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I want a tall girl so this can happen

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Krillin with a nose?!?! IMPPOSIBLE

😆😆God finally saw he needed some fresh air

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mind if i draw some of your artworks??

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Awesome work

World-Weaver8's avatar
and people say that Krillin is a loser
karna23's avatar
krillen ended up being the winner in dbz
Krillin looks great. He looks like me btw. How can i buy this? I would prefer a metal print.
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This picture is an accurate! Krillin doesn't have a nose! Lol... All jokes aside, this is awesome
KeynoriamaArt's avatar
Could you please one day do Gohan x Videl :D would love to see them in your style. omg this is beautiful.
gerardomaduro's avatar
the incredible originality of this drawing leaves me speechless
johe01's avatar
watch out for the bomber boobs lol
MetalX-2001's avatar
Krillin in this for some reason reminds me of Bruce Willis without the stuble
Billamark's avatar
Krillin is one lucky SOB 
Somehow I don't think he mind's his current position.
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That headlock probably killed Krilin LOL
pychopat2's avatar
Ever thought to do Gohan and Videl
catze86's avatar
He found her as equal living being. Thats why she loves him.
coredumperror's avatar
Heheh, this is adorable!

Though I gotta admit, Krillin only wishes he was that tall. :)
majingholst's avatar
When if you're being honest with yourself , you'd probs fuck Krillin XD.
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