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Korra print for Otakuthon : )I feel like this is not my best work, I was trying to go for a more dynamic pose, I wanted to try something new. I had lost of fun with the new brush I made by useing texture and dual brush option in photoshop. this was a good experimental piece. there are a lots of room for improvements for sure.

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used: photoshop CS 4
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It's beautyfull
yorkylover2's avatar
Just... epicly awesome. I've been sketching Korra but gese they're definitely nothing like that. I wish u could teach me how to do that.
marigusmao's avatar
this person is selling your art here…
umbatman's avatar
but this is awesome and it has all the four elements. i wish i could better.
Firefly2183's avatar
You kind of white washed her, which I can't say I dig, but otherwise pretty cool stuff
canttel's avatar
I noticed the same.
JeffSaberX's avatar
Bryke and Janet would cry if they saw this.
piccusia's avatar
i love the contrast between water and fire and all the energy which comes from this work, you did awesome job!
better than the original
Chanze3's avatar
woooooahhh... can u do asami? :P
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The contrast of the light regions and textures is my favorite part.
chouzuXtao's avatar
This... like all your work (as I'm discovering) is amazing!
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Wow awesome work :D
KaitlinLeigh's avatar
JB22's avatar
this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think if you ever try to draw Korra again, you should definitely make her skin tone appears much too light here...her hair, as well, should be darker.

Otherwise, it's a nice, dynamic pose...^^
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avatar!!!! wuaaa Woohooooo! 
big6effin9e's avatar
wow! very well done :)
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