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fullbody female pose step by step .promo.


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another detailed anatomy pose step by step tutorial. I think once I have enough of them I'll make them into a tutorial book ^_^ Anyways in this term's anatomy tutorial, I'm going through a pretty generic pose from sketch->simple shapes->lineart->color (all in steps)

*if your wondering why i've censored it more then before it's because I've had previous post removed on other social media for i guess being too exposed. This is just a extra precaution even if i don't agree with it U_U*

video Tutorial pack comes with
❆voice over tutorial
❆PS (steps/all layers both color/lineart)
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The Hunt .Yuri tag. by sakimichan
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Hair voice over tutorial
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...It's not possible to place the legs in that position (I'm referring to the leg they're lifting).I saw someone point that mistake out on a different drawing before,and I tried it it's really not possible when you're lifting your legs-- Even though it doesn't really look wrong when you look at it in most drawings.
nxf11rocks's avatar
That's funny because my sister just did it.
Hoshi-Pan's avatar
I'm pretty sure I saw that in a tutorial/anatomy tips blog long time ago >q<;; So is it really possible,for the feet to touch the butt like that when shes lifting it,without something to support her? Anyway,that just sounds difficult-- o_o
nxf11rocks's avatar
Doesn't look like their feet are touching their butt. And it looks like their would be a wall, but this is to help people with poses so the wall would get in the way.
Hoshi-Pan's avatar
Ah,maybe you're right :o

But many people draw it the way I mentioned while floating in the air,so I assumed it was the same here. >q<;;
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This is a reply to something in the comments below.
This image is not under a mature filter. I didn't log in until I posted this comment, and was able to see it.
Also, no, it isn't perverted. The privates and even breasts are covered. It's simply uncomfortable for some kids like lordcalamari. 
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the first girl's hairstyle is so cute!! *-*
darkyson's avatar
thanks for the tutorial ◠‿◠
lenny2055's avatar
Thanks it will help me with my art
Blackfur21's avatar
the other girls are so pretty and slim and im the one with the 2nd body ._.
paishiri's avatar
Um the second body is hella pretty??? please stop being so rude 
Blackfur21's avatar
lol if u actually read what I said, I said I HAVE that body and I fucking hate myself everyday :')
paishiri's avatar
Well stop doing that and work on loving yourself c: its not hard ,I promise
Blackfur21's avatar
unless you have depression and anxiety lol
Punklord117's avatar
I have that body too and I'm a professional dancer and used to be in the military. It's more attractive if you ask me. Healthy and strong.
Blackfur21's avatar
Ah, that does actually make me feel better. idk i'm just always so anxious over how I look
Punklord117's avatar
As am I (: everyone is no matter how they look~ Be prideful in you though! If you have that body, you must be stunning in any case.
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Just because you're not slim doesn't mean you're not pretty. Hug
DarkBeforeDawn23's avatar
I look like the second one too :D 
M316's avatar
the 2nd body is pretty too ^-^ pretty doesn't equal slim :)
Pikachucha's avatar
this is really great !
Eidolon1's avatar
I shall study it .
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