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From one of my favorit childhood movies 101 dalmation. Here's my male version of Cruella. This is a very different approach from her usual self , but yes, that's just  because I'm a fangirl lol. Hope you guys like : )

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Look at this awesome cosplay of my concept ^o^ !! If he doesn't scare you, no evil thing will by NipahCos

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Absolutely amazing art

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Emma Stone he is not

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teehee :XD: this is kinda canon now since Disney released a game called

Twisted Wonderland where you go to a magic Hogwarts like school run by hot guy versions of Disney villains, he's called Divus Crewel there and he's your teacher and he calls his students "puppies"

That is fucking disturbing and a bunch of red flags right there

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wow, never thought I would get a reply to this comment since it was so long ago but, whatever.

Not really a red flag that's just how he talks, the school is a all boys school so it's more of a "if you're gonna act like dogs I'm gonna treat you like dogs" scenario. He also has this "they don't pay me enough for this shit" tone when he talks sometimes.

Yeah but a lot people gonna see that in a wrong way. Since we have a lot thirsty fangirls

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True, which is why you don't see him very much in the game. He's introduced briefly in the prologue and first chapter then you don't really see him for most of the game, and when you do see him it's just a chibi sprite with speech bubbles.

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Too handsome for to be male-Cruella... :D
Aww... why a cigarillo, not a cigar?

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Woah. just woah
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I would dress up as a dog just for him 😂😂
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So sinisterly awesome.
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Hello, I saw this illustration on the website of Japan.
I'm favorite he, It's so sensual <3
You seem to have power from God...Amazing. Thanks.
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His eyes say "Bedroom," but his overall face says, "You're not good enough, darling." Perfect!

Nice work!

(Btw, I feel like his theme song would be Everywhere I Go by Hollywood Undead.)
Such a classy villain! I can see him drinking a glass of fine wine while discussing business with his fashion mafia. By the way, have you see "Christian De Vil" by Chris Villain on YouTube?
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I have! It’s such a great cover song! Probably the best villain song cover ever! Jamming to tunes 
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You know, not all guys could pull off that fur coat and still look badass.  Well done!
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Just imagine this deep, sultry voice. "Anita, daaarling." I am sold.
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No words in the english language can describe this peice of art.
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AHH This is suu amazing and he looks like such a cool character!! >v<

But those puppies look... suu happy... OvO
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