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used: phtoshop CS 4

used: photoshop CS 4

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this reminds me of Peeta...I'm not sure why Shrug 
JetterSphinx's avatar
Full Metal Alchemist <3 =)
kiaratronus's avatar
he looks like peeta off of hunger games to me..but awesome job!
M-K-1's avatar
Lol haha xD I guess, but this "boy" is much more handsome in my POV <3
kiaratronus's avatar
XD haha yeah I guess :)
NorthwestPurity's avatar
To me, he appears a mixture of modern, medieval, and future. It's fabulous. <3
Icegrowlthewolf's avatar
Looks like PewDiePie ;3
lildpfire's avatar
Ezreal? is that you!????
FluffyPumpkinSpice's avatar
i thought the same thing
wasabiiid's avatar

Wow awesome artwork!! Any chance I could use this as a background visual for a music video on my music channel? With credit of course :) -

Artist2Young's avatar
woah, i love the way you draw a modern glove and head set paired with a cloak and some jeans, lol, its amazing. I also love the hair, Love 
TheEmotionlessGhost's avatar
I am in love with a piece of art and a fictional character...
JoyfullJuneBug's avatar
Oh those eyes! Blush emoticon 
EleanorIronic's avatar
I am in love with this <3
ManteBMusic's avatar
How often do you paint characters with headphones?
littlemisszombie9's avatar
Woah. I think I'm in love with a painting. THIS IS PURE PERFECTION!

coolcat0's avatar
this picture is EPIC. Like usual, your art is amazing. Keep up the good work!
cybercat08's avatar
You just got yourself a new follower. I love this. Something about characters rocking headphones and a bionic arm. Great work.
milarii's avatar
He looks like he's saying "and..?"
Sholya-art's avatar
Honestly, I know, maybe many others already told, but this pic is just awesome! :clap::w00t:

However I dunno if it was your intention (or it's only me :P ) but the character totally looks like if he would be
Bumblebee's human form from Transformers.... :) (Especially of the newer versions' of the chara.)
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