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Zhongli animation


Zhongli animation ;3
  • nsfw versions
  • 4 loopable versions

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Hair voice over tutorial
please go:
used the promo code: hairy ( unlimited )

more tutorials here if you guys are interested !
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He was finally to open Memory of The Dust... I wonder what the password was... Thomas the Tank Engine Dart Chat Icon

vampire-yuki-kuran's avatar

Zhongli ASMR please?

Those moans are sexy😩

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Here must be this phrase : "Osmanthus wine tastes the same as I remember... But where are those who share the memory?"😂👌🏻 (It always scares me, when I just mind my own business)
btw, this animation is pretty cool ❤️
RejPiekielnyGrabarz's avatar

Hi. :)really beautiful animation. I'm terribly curious what animation program do you use?

Kukunia92's avatar

nsfw animation? oh oh oh dont imagine that >v<

KXHunter's avatar

I will have Order!! It´s nice, i like it

SteamEngineCombust's avatar
Wow gorgeous art as always. Good animation and music too
Desmonaea's avatar

I...I couldn't help myself. I simp for this man so much.

You have a new patron. I'll be looking forward to seeing more sexy men later, especially if you do more Genshin guys cause do them such wonderful justice.

DesignedByArakiel's avatar
He is handsome af😍
alice-in-wonderland2's avatar
CatLaCroix's avatar

Wow. That was pretty incredible!

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Does somebody know what software was used?

SkittlesPops's avatar

I've been wondering the same thing for ages. It looks like a puppet warp so I'm assuming AE but it could be Live 2D or something else too.

XxFrozenFlarexX's avatar

Heelllooo Daddy...

ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar

damn sooo good!! he is handsome!

Pr0teusUnbound's avatar

so how many pushups do i have to do to get pecs like that? im already at 100-150 a day.

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