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Yin Yang Goddess

Something I was working on the side in my free time, for fun XD I haven't had much lately on my hand so I wasn't able to paint as often as Id like to.

used: photoshop CS 4

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her right shoulder bothers me endlessly.... otherwise i would consider to buy a print...

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yin and yang are my two gate demons and my source power. It's also my gang symbol
♡we are the shadows♡
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I LOVE this piece. Fantastical and technical
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This whole gallery is a headphone fetish
TheGreyCatsby's avatar
It's possible. in spite of it, it is one of the most known and popular galleries of deviantart. I often see this gallery for inspiration.
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Wow, she has the most watchers in the world, very close to 500K, you need 1-2K to become slightly famous, and 5-10K to be officially DA famous, 20-50K means you're one of the most popular people, and anything past 100k is god-tier
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too much people, it's a very long-term goal.
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All you need really is 1K
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and more practice
more study
more money
more inspiration
more material
etc, etc, etc.
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To be honest it mainly comes down to money, I'm being 100% honest about this, people with money who have no idea where to start just buy wahtever they need and they're a great artist like 2-4 years later, people who know precisely what to do but have no money become a great artist never (until they make a TEENSY bit more money)
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Phat headphones!
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Great Image

Fernando Coutinho
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Excited Rainbow Dash chat emote I am glad to find arts that combine two of my favorite things:

1- Ying and Yang Ying Yang 
2- And gods :D (Big Grin)
This is beautiful!!!!!:excited: :chairdance:  
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Excellent artwork !!
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// queixo cai no cjao

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wow! Amazing *^*
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I wish I could favorite this about 8 more times.
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This Artwork Is What Brought Me To Your Page. Astounding Detail.
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