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Yang Xiao Long


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spend some extra time refining Yang since she is the last in my rwby maincast series ^_^ I made her a bit more anime looking in this piece XD but it was still pretty fun ! I would love to work on some of the side characters as well :3Wasnt sure if I should of went with red eyes or not but I like her original violet colored eyes better ^^

❅ steps
❅video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

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Thank you for your interest!

used: photoshop CS6
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You have amazing artwork.

Yang looks is hot right now! Love  
saber360's avatar
Okay, THAT is badass. ^^
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Beauty and fierceness! 8O
You really bring out what i love the the characters i love! Again not disappointed! You are really making me hate you for how good you are! <3
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KrymsonReaper's avatar
Still she is kinda super friggin sexy
hypn0s-sama's avatar
Love your art man... Omg
Warlordgab's avatar
I love your RWBY artwork :heart: but I always wonder, why haven't posted any timeskip pic? ^^;
Dude, i love the drawing. You can learn a lot just looking at your drawings, your compositions and and your colors. I can't stop looking at your art. But is it just me or is her hand wrong? maybe is just the perspective or something but looks like she has 5 fingers and no thumb...
I get where you're coming from with the hand, but I think it makes sense, perspective-wise.
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It's the perspective that gets me with this piece. Gorgeous, of course, and you can study it for hours.
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I would say stay the fuck out of her way; however, one of the characters I made is a guy who can summon skeletons w/out armor and are fully armed with bone-like weapons and can be make in the billions because he summons them, the they go back down, despite most skeletons being dirt (who also has a sword that can transform into a scythe and a motherfucking gun that is powerful enough to hit a person's, have it go thought and explode, and fly until it disintegrates, while not being damaged). And the other uses gears and magic, however the gears are from the archetype Ancient Gears in YuGiOh. I'll be fine
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aaah! One of my favorite characters! I love Ruby then Blake then Yang. 
CobraCatDragon2898's avatar
O: Should've invested in that armor...
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0/10 50% to many arms
10/10, 100% too many arms.


(2 arms is 200% of 1 arm, 1 arm is 100% of 1 arm, so 2 arms is 100% more arms than 1 arm)
davionpuryear's avatar
You’re the kind of person who puts 2 and 2 together and gets 5 aren’t you?
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