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Winter Melon Elf tutorial


Available through pledge !

it's almost that time of the year ^o^ happy December guys ! something fun , was going for a frozen water melon head gear look, and since it's blue , I picked yellow to go with it since these colors work well together :3 and this is the result !as usually I will show you guys from sketch-> lineart-> color-> painting+background :3

This Tutorial pack comes with
❆video tutorial (2hr 39min)
❆PS rendered
❆JPG rendered

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I’m releasing ,for free one of my voice over tutorials  it’s for anatomy , feel free to download it and try it out !
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used the promo code: Anatomy101

more here:   !

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I thought she was Dark Magician Girl O.o
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WARNING! You're a bag of shit. Nobody believes these. Take your crap comments to Facebook where they will be appreciated by the idiots there.
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Could you teach me how to do this?
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Gorgeous job with her hair! Love the movement. Very cute character!
FirdyArt's avatar
Even though this is promo..i learn a lot
Zemium's avatar
dem freckles :meow:
She looks so adorable
TobbyTheKillerFG's avatar
LifesPrincess's avatar
She is sooooo cute!!! :3

Thank you for the tutorials!!! :3
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aw cute reminds me of my oc
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Me a 30 yr old bully spammed hate message and threats to an innocent dev and then got blackmailed when he found my facebook profile and got my pic, he said if I didn't make that deviant to kiss his ass he would show all the people that i bullied my facebook pic. This isnt fake


can you all call it pathetic and laugh at it

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wow your really good i might do digital one day.....
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blonde hair blue eyes 
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She seems the twin sister of the Miss Snow Kitty :D
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Another amazing tutorial ~<3
I love her ears xd adorable.
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Dunno why but she reminded me of dark magician girl from yugioh
OneWingedHeron53's avatar
That's what I initially thought too when I saw the thumbnail.
StephanieLoguidice's avatar
glad I wasnt the only one! lol
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AnglePlayMate's avatar
I like  her eyes *-*
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