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Wicked Lady

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Wicked lady( older version of Mini moon) from Sailor moon is by far my favorite of all the characters from the anime XD <3 just love her vibe.

NSFW preview  

❅ steps
❅video process
❅3-4k pixel jpg

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used: photoshop CS6
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TheYakumoReturns1428's avatar
I like a lot how wide her hips are :)

More Sailors.... pleaseeeeeee

Crubitz's avatar
It's too muchWaaaah!. I'm gonna end up adding every one of your artworks into my favorites folder dang itI think I've fainted.. Being this good has to be illegal. 
Passin's avatar
gregkun's avatar
I would so love a Mistress 90 just like this style.
SO COOL !!! ><
Knight3000's avatar
Beautiful pose and piece
FlooNasif's avatar
Quiero algún tutorial tuyo!
No le hace que me destruya
Reael's avatar
Okay everything nice and stuff, but can we please stop with the incredible huge asses? It's ugly and I wouldn't mind if it wouldn't be just EVERYWHERE! You took a serious step back. You have such talent, so beautiful rendering skills, her skin looks beautiful, the hair, the face everything and you ruin it with sick proportions. What for? Just because it sells? Disappointing. 
almost-electric's avatar
you are seeking beauty. she sells to people seeking beauty.

aka, people like you, and you're not better than other people, nor her, for not liking the beauty she is selling. it's a matter of taste, and just because you find hair and skin beautiful over ass doesn't mean you're some sort of art connoisseur. this is her career, and most art is created to be observed. so yes, if it sells. and it does. so
Reael's avatar
Well I'mm not saying she has to change, just makes me kinda sad as someone who watched her talent grow over time. There is so much more she could do, so much talent. I never had a problem with her selling porn and kinky stuff in the past, but if nothing else is there to see anymore but unrealistic beauty standards that no woman can fit it saddens me. She is the kind of artist who could change the world in her own way, but she refuses to and simply does what the mass does. It works out for her, and if she's happy with it so be it, but I'm still allowed to have my opinion and my opinion ist simple as that: It makes me sad to see it. And I know what is coming now: So don't watch it - And you can be sure I won't anymore. I stick with her old art in my fav gallery and am happy about the beautiful mind she brought to paper years back and I will treasure it, but that's it.
FallOutofReality's avatar
Wicked Lady was my favorite character out of the whole series of Sailor Moon which was the first anime I ever saw. I loved her vibe and colors and the fact that they made Mini Moon into such a badass was awesome! I really enjoy all of your works as well. I would definitely support you on Patreon if I could afford it... -is broke-
Kal-el4's avatar
NeoMatrix000's avatar
I thought she looked familiar
...not that I would know
Femikii's avatar
this is ... breathtaking !! may I ask how long it takes you to finish a piece on average?
gfm21's avatar
Love how you did her eyes
Sokar3x's avatar
MiryanaStorm's avatar
She looks great!
nichodo's avatar
Join the Dark side... we can make you older and sexier XD
aciddmaus23's avatar
truly beautiful image!!!!!
MajorMikePowell's avatar
The dark side is better, more fun, way~more beautiful. *O*  Wicked Lady knows this better than anyone~ She has way~more fun. ;D Gorgeous work!
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