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Yes I ship them so much *_* I already did previous concepts of the two, it's only right to put them both in the same pic XD

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It's sad how 99.99% of the internet associates lola with Just that movie, meanwhile every character from mickey mouse is completely universal, ranging from phone cases to backpacks to etc.
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I grew up with loony tunes and I always disliked lola.
I personally don't understand the hype and why she is a devoted character with incels who touch themselves, way too much...
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I'm completely amazed at how often she appears, no one even fans her up like they do with sonic (e.g. creating oc x canon and the like), they just draw fanart of her in her basketball outfit and literally nothing else
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She did originate from Space Jam but she has been in much more since then.
I think it's people just too focused on sex appeal rather than the actual character.
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What is sexy about a cartoon rabbit cosplaying as kobe bryant? *Hides my lola bunny body pillow and "autographed" basketball with a kiss mark on it*
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Foot fetish?

Bottom = :iconspodermanplz:
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The best fetish is poorly drawn MSPaint furries in t-poses.
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Lola has only really ever appeared in the movie to my knowledge. Even Babs and Buster Bunny have more screen time.
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She was in the cartoon also
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I didn't know that she was on the Looney Tunes show.  All right then.
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I feel bad that when people think of her they only think of space jam, yet when people think of minnie mouse they think of theme parks, cosplays, mugs, postcards, stickers, tattoos, new york city, movies, shows, songs, games, art, toothbruhses, plungers, ice cube trays, phone cases, etc., it's basically Frozen
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The thing is, Minnie has been featured for a far longer time and in far more places than Lola ever was. Lola was late to the scene (1990's), and it took almost 20 years for her to be a regular character on a TV show. 

So yes, not many people think about Lola... but that's Warner Brothers Animation's fault.

(and they fucking abandoned Buster and Babs apparently too.)
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I feel bad about loony toons in general I mean, I feel like I'm the only fan of them, meanwhile 99.99% of the world worships disney

It's like how I'm the only one who give sa crap about quake/unreal tournament and everyone worships overwatch/fortnite
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Oh, you'd love it over here. We love the Loony Toons.  
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Thin Chungus and thin Chungus' wife
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I seriously thought thatw as jack frost :lol:
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Soooo much WOW! Still a little confused by Bugs being hot @_@....but majorly amazing!
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I swear I felt like I heard Bugs Bunny's voice from that title o.o
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I remember this...
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😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 good work!!!!😜😜😜😜
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