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Violet Evergarden

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For this terms voice over tutorial/paint along I will show you guys how I paint my take on a  Violet Evergarden scene in a more semi-realism style :) starting from basic painting sketch to final render and editing! 

 finished image


  • High res jpg steps
  • layer PSD 
  • voice over video tutorial 2 hr27 min

voice over tutorial available on patreon sign up before 19 December

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Hair voice over tutorial
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used the promo code: hairy ( unlimited )

more tutorials here if you guys are interested !
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BritanniaLoyalistHobbyist Digital Artist
Very good. 
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ghostii3 Digital Artist

so beautiful sakimi! I love your work, I aspire to be able to draw just as well as you one day <3

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SandhiyudhaHobbyist General Artist
Did you already watch the film Violet Evergarden - Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll?
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devALLjapanHobbyist General Artist
Ive watched a little of this, the work done on it is so nice
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jasonjonreStudent Digital Artist
sad anime, highest quality u can expect from the anime tho
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Pharos-EHobbyist Artist


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LadyMonocerosHobbyist General Artist
I LOVED this anime! Even if it was different from the typical action anime, it was beautiful the entire time!
Sprite-Trixx's avatar
People will STILL complain. I guarantee it! This art is gorgeous, don't let the HATERS make you feel like the art you do isn't real art or is "wasted talent" SMH
kaze26's avatar
Magnificent and beautiful
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Spinosaurus900Student General Artist
This painting is splendid. the shadows and lights are beautiful, the work is faithful ... So, a work that changes a little pinup.
SourSky's avatar
wow! :wow:
are you planning to draw bungou stray dogs? 
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Ya know what i love about pieces like this one?

They silence the critics.

Every once-in-awhile its nice to see something like this come out, that follows the "rules" fairly strictly, if only to remind all of the nay-sayers and overly-vocal pricks, that YES you DO understand composition, posture, depth, positioning, etc, et-all... that those pieces that dont seem to follow those hard "rules" of art, are not for a lack of skill, but a choice of STYLE. Hell, its called "artistic licence" for a reason.

So, I say this with absolute sincerity.

keep doing what you do Sakimi, Its beautiful. And thank you for putting your talents out there for the world to appreciate.

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JumpingTheMoonHobbyist Writer

Agreed a hundred percent. There is nothing wrong with what saki does, the kind of art produced, the reasons for it. Anyone can have their own judgments on the artistic merits, but to cast that judgment on the artist and imply she's immoral for doing sexy things, or unskilled for departing from realism? That's the real obscenity, acting like that, and repeating it over and over.

Sprite-Trixx's avatar
The comments on her Elsa post straight up pissed me off tbh
Such a toxic part of the community, people literally admitting they're jealous she makes money lmao so pathetic
Sprite-Trixx's avatar
I literally see comments telling her that she "wastes her talent" like what the hell bro? This community is TOXIC
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X-Force02rangerStudent Traditional Artist
wow <3
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UniversumnewhorizontHobbyist Filmographer
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Eu não posso acreditar que você desenhou Violet, ela é minha personagem de anime favorita e sua arte a tornou tão real que eu simplesmente amei 💖
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painting is one of the most difficult things to do. I used to love to draw but I stopped enjoying hobbies due to the pressures society puts on perfection. No one likes crappy art (even though the real meaning of art isn't perfection).
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Kiwi-R Artist
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