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Viking Elf Fearie


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I had to urge to draw something cute and fluffy and fantasy and this is the result XD;; I wanted to make her a bit more meatier then my usual girls and for some reason green is my color for this week XD;;;hope you guys like :3 Also was testing out an old brush from my collection, it works wonder on the fur texture.

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used: photoshop CS6
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Highlynx's avatar

too cute for Viking life. Needs more brutality.

XxVictoriaHikarixX's avatar
I love this! Please draw more full figured men and women!!
NightmareDCris's avatar
XxVictoriaHikarixX's avatar
She's so adorable!!! Pls do more full figured girls :3
n2n44's avatar
great and highly creative :)
Sapphire-Kitty's avatar
I really like this, the only thing that bothers me is how her boob is kind of.. overlapping her knee or something? idk its really good otherwise
Martsuia's avatar
thats how physics is. if i do the same pose like this. my boob will do that too.
Sapphire-Kitty's avatar
not because of the way it's squished, it just looks like its over the knee, or just swallowing the knee all together, and that wouldn't make sense unless you could see the nipple, which you can't. That's how physics are.
Brandoch-Daha's avatar
Colours are really pretty in this one.
YoshiCrusader's avatar
You're amazing! XD
PeskyPegasus's avatar
This is really beautiful.
ClockworkJoker's avatar
Compared to your other paintings that you've submitted I like this style more.
JeanVL's avatar
Gorgeous costume design and character! Can lost myself in her eyes and the knee/boob contact is a sweet detail.
nekomimikairi's avatar
I love her eyes and her hair! great work!
bugfacegard's avatar
Cool viking, like her boots and the netting.
Zeonista's avatar
Definitely a cutely full-figured losjalfar girl! Everyone does the waif pixies and the supermodel sylphs, this one is lots of cute fun and stands out.
j-rapt0r's avatar
Great, she's very cute
Pedromalone's avatar
Wow a cool design here. I do think you captured all three elements (viking, elf, and fairy). I like the helmet looks battle ready. Green hair very nature inspired. Like how she's naked, yet not showing us anything (almost teasing us). The water droplets look wonderful. 
BlackestFlame's avatar
This is absolutely gorgeous! Love everything about the image: the character design, the pose, the expresion, and her teeny tiny size renders this viable for POV (first person) :thumbsup::D Beautiful work. I'd love for her to be an official/recurring character (w/ or w/o extra armor) & to have a print of this :love:
RandomFeline's avatar
This one made me squeal, its really cute!
AndySerrano's avatar
Your wonderful art work has been featured in my June 2014 Journal.…
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