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Velvet Crowe

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 I was Commissioned by Bandai/Namco to come in and draw for the Tales of Berseria FB Live Stream at Deviantart HQ, you guys can check out the hr stream here  > - and see my final artwork with work-in-progress shots featured in the Tales of Berseria Subject Matters here > Telling Tales: Worldbuilding in Tales of BerseriaWatch Sakimichan take on BandaiNamcoUS’s #TalesofBerseria and explore the benchmarks of creating such a rich world.
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Worldbuilding in Tales of Berseria
Author: damphyr
Artist: KheilaHirai
There’s something truly magical about losing yourself in an engrossing narrative. It’s amazing how a story can call to the soul, or how we can sometimes feel like we know a fictional character better than the person sitting next to us. How to successfully craft a narrative capable of captivating fans has long perplexed studios and independent creators alike.
While countless have struggled to create this magical formula just once, the Ta

This piece was interesting to work on, While On stream I didn't get much done but I enjoyed answer the questions some of you asked :) I did most of the work offstream. I tried to go for a more painterly feel and something less flashy you could say.Was fun ! I should paint more horizontal canvas more often !

Horoscope series .:Libra:. by sakimichan Ruby red by sakimichan Pyrrha .take my hand. by sakimichan Yang Xiao Long by sakimichan Android 18 .NSFW optional. by sakimichan<da:thumb id="651793950">
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used: photoshop CS6
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MiloslavKv's avatar
Хорошая работа!
ShiKairean's avatar
I think this Velvet was used for a beatmap of Burn for Osu!. I knew it was yours because of the style, did they ask permission? just asking though.
RemnantRyku's avatar
Heh, more like Raven and Swain had a daughter.
That aside, nicely done.
Anime--Bunny's avatar
very awesome work
carthage67's avatar
Did this person get permission to use your art?

Velvet Crowe by Jimking
SilentJewellART's avatar
Regardless of where you got it, it's still a violation of copyright.  Take it down.
ToeiLookArt's avatar
He is just a thief.
Gandarga's avatar…
Hey, sakimichan, someone stole this from you.
Band-of-Cobras's avatar
Velvet is so badass in the game
Rock-Shooter's avatar
sword art online has made a collaboration with Tales of the Rays and make this O F F I C I A L    C R O S S O V E R  of Asuna and Velvet
this is a limited character playable in the mobile game Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag
Corruptedvergil's avatar
Most excellent 🤔
Aka-KuroAKIRA's avatar
The face is beautiful.
helojombo's avatar
this amazing! i love!
ZinaZoo's avatar
divinesokhan's avatar
wow I like this Velvet is my favorite character from the tales series nicely done!
g33katheart's avatar
very nicely done.
She would never make this expression while devouring or fighting something, it completely kills this.
LARK0278's avatar
Dramatically good.
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