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Vampire princess Julia

experimented with some of photoshop's filters and such XD
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Please do more cute vampires like this one, so cute
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OMG! My name is Julia ! >3<
THANK YOU! nuhfneubnnncunfhjdjnzelrkgbhzfkjktg *fangirling so hard* GIF Gravity Falls - AAAH THE JOURNALS!!!! 
Is she from any story or show or whatever? I ask because I read a HP fic that might've been an unlisted crossover, and there was a vampire princess with that name.
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Oh my, she looks like me when I was younger! I always have the palest skin in the room! How did you do that, by the way, which filter?
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Very impressive skin tones!
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She has my name! Hahaha! Beautiful
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Julias are the best! ;D
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Soft and chilly. Yes, I'm faving a lot of your stuff :omg:
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Прекрасно! Очень красивооо!Clap 
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beautiful and gorgeous lady! gosh!! :)
I'm in awe with her pale skin~
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I bite thy hand, m'lady. 
(Get it? Instead of kiss? Oh never mind. ;P)
She's so pretty! :clap:
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She is elegant.
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I love the feeling that you captured in this
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Your art is so amazing!!!!!!!
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A delicate kind of beauty.
Gorgeous and beautiful!
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Pleasant to see so cute character with same name I have ^_^
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OMG love love love ♥_♥
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