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Tracer day off


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I originally had tracer in a more combative pose along with her Chronal accelerator. However the pose was too similar to one of my other piece so I decided to go in a more different direction XD. This piece is purely fan fiction, I know she needs her chrono harness to stay present. I do think maybe Winston could have created a little device for her to wear so she can relax or even take showers, hence the choker XD I tried haha. Anyhow that's my version of tracer having a day off.

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used: photoshop CS6
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Kitsune-no-Arashi's avatar
Hot. Though you should probably add some blue glitch distortions. You drew her without the chest-piece, which holds her steady in time and allows her a measure of control over her jumping.
mad-matt-57's avatar
Cheers mate ^^ !
XxRobGamerxX's avatar
A unique pose. I like it 😀
AutobotJinx13's avatar
This is Awesome!!
GenniGenevieve's avatar
The best Tracer fan art I have ever seen.
Dragonpride12's avatar
Tracer, confirmed lesbian. Also still hella cute and sexy.
Mounteen's avatar
I love this so much omg
GreenDragonGirl's avatar
You should create a Hank Scorpio piece


do you like Jazz?
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According to the Overwatch Wiki, the chronal accelerator can be taken off and still keep Tracer in the present as long as it on and she is near it:…
So, the actual one may be out-of-frame, or in a bag near her. ;)

Great piece. I really like your work.^_^ :#1:
EvelynVictus's avatar
Wow, great job! :clap:
zmorphcom's avatar
Turulion's avatar
This is one of my favorite Tracer fan art :D
Memori-P's avatar
Omfg MY WIFE. Amazingly Done <333
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Very beautiful and cool portrayal of Tracer having a day off.  Also, thanks for showing one way she can go around and chill without having to wear her Chronal Accelerator.
MidLuuna's avatar
Omg, I love your art style, and here Tracer is SO BEAUTIFUL
sabalad's avatar
Nice work and also she just needs to be near it.
theEyZmaster's avatar
Wild032's avatar…

That actualy explains your work, she is just not wearing it right now.
Santafer's avatar
Turns out she can take it off as long as she is near it:…
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Milesnocte's avatar
As for the chest piece part, this could still be cannon. This could be tracer before her test flight that disassociated her from time. 
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