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My take on another favorite  childhood classic tale of mine, Peter pan, featuring Tinkerbell captured XD . I wanted this to have a dark feel to it hence her broken wings , hum also I'm not very good with drawing feet so it might not look too good XD but I rely enjoyed painting the table details ~
*fixed the feet direction xD

❅video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

  available through my patreon

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used: photoshop CS6
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Someone came to this and you know it

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Meu childhood is ruined.

sexy tinkerbell
Very beautiful fun 
I like Tinkerbell 
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She is so cute! Ever thought of doing Disney villains?
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She's a cutie ^^''
my god you can paint an expression
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Poor Tink. This is a beautiful piece.
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Your entire body of work is worth favoriting but I'm going to stick with Tink, Raven and Starfire because they're my favorite characters you have done. You seem to be able to capture the most important details of the character and add some extra "life" to them. Tink's fingers are a good example, small and dainty at the tips but almost chubby towards the palm. Very, very nice!
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My childhood...

...I love it even more!
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you bout to get dis hook
Love her expression.
tvtable's avatar
fall in love  Tinkebell when i was ten something, now nearlly sixty
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gorgeous work!
Nellara's avatar
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Video of this one available?
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Uuuh little pretty thing ;)
Tinkerbell actually looks a lot more cuter in this drawing, if I'm being honest.
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The ''Tinker bell 2.0''
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...What is wrong with u :o (Eek)   
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