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Tifa Dress pinup


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I Had this on my list to paint for Tifa ^u^ I tried to paint a lounging pose with a bit of perspective in the composition overall just trying something new!

  • High res jpg steps
  • layer PSD 
  • video process

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Sonia by sakimichan

Mature Content

Olga pinup by sakimichan
Isabelle humanoid pinup by sakimichan

Mature Content

Isabelle .nsfw tag. by sakimichan

Mature Content

Kuroinu Olga .nsfw vr tag. by sakimichan


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Man the more I see different sides and curves of her body, the harder I get

herofan135's avatar

Gorgeous work. JUst wow.

billy851's avatar

That foot looks very unnatural.

DeadCobra's avatar

She is so gorgeous :heart:

shadowbloodline's avatar

Does it ever get tiring of making female characters breast much larger than they should be, just asking?

Valtharia's avatar

Who cares? It's art. Don't like it, please go follow someone else :)

I have been following Sakimichan for a very long time now, I love the art style, I do. It would be nice to see some art with t&a that fit the characters a little better, like some of older stuff that I fell in love with. Also SquareEnix reduced the size of her breast because they realized they were to big, just check all the remake offical artwork. There is nothing wrong with this picture, you're right it's art and it's her interpretation of Tifa. I won't stop following her because she make characters breasts or butts big, she is one of my favorite artists of all time. But I am free to ask the question right?

khaofang7248's avatar

I agree with you. Nothing wrong to ask. But even asking, she's not going to reply anyway. She never reply to anyone.

Princess-shi's avatar

you certainly are, and I wonder the same XD

vexillarii's avatar

this one's actually pretty accurate. i get what you're saying, she often does make the character's breasts larger than they should be, but tifa canonically has a very voluptuous body

Have you played the remake?

Obviously not, since she keeps doing it. Just answering.

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delightfully perfect in every way until the glass of wine seems realy the shine of her hair and skin so smooth

tifa as always very sexy

Cloudis1105's avatar

Stunning work. Love your art style. Hope to see Yuna (Summoner/Songstress/Gunner) and Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn soon. Keep up he amazing work.

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ItachiRikudouSennin's avatar

love tifa ever...........

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Holy thiccness batman!

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