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The grey dress

tried to design a dark sort of outfit, try to incorporate some bone like structure in the dress too XD;; This is kinda my failed attempt at something a bit more dark and horror.

used: photoshop CS 4

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It's been nearly seven years since I've last logged into this account and I'm still amazed by this level of art. It's amazing!

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When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was Witchblade's Sara Pezzini lol

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The level of detail in the color and values of the colors is phenomenal.
This is no failure. This is perfection. Awesome job!
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I love the eyes
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I have absolutely fallen in love with this piece! If possible could you do another of her? I know you said it was a failed attempt, but I beg to differ! She is wonderful and I would love to see more of her! 
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Am I the only one who kinda sees a Female Ganondorf...?
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no lmaoooo same here :XD:

This one would be her Link then:  God Of Evanescence by sakimichan  
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In my opinion, this is not a fail. May not have turned out what you were after, but the end product is still freaking awesome!! Especially love the orange detail at the bottom of the dress there. Really nice!
Not bad, it gives me the dark flame/fire impression. Might not had been what you were going for but I do like this style of black flame visual concept
What program are you using?
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I just love everything about this! Just beautiful!
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i don't know why 


I saw a pretty female Ganon
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Excellent detail.
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You call this a failed attempt!? It's gorgeously dark without being overly so.
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Very good. Looks like Statue of Liberty
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this reminds me of Rohana from StarCraft
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Wow... New fav!!:nuu:
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Is it ok if I use this as my phone lock screen? Or to RP with? :)
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